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Jason proposes to Melissa, dumps Molly, dumps Melissa, leaves with Molly

The Bachelor 13 concluded, and the spoiler proved to be true: Jason Mesnick dumped Molly Malaney, then picked Melissa Rycroft, and then, during After the Final Rose, dumped Melissa, picking Molly.

For the highlights and lowlights, read the live blog from last night, in which I detailed every noteworthy and cringeworthy moment, from dozens of references to Jason’s “little guy” (and during the family hour!) to DeAnna’s nearly pointless, overhyped visit.

Tonight, a final hour airs at 10 p.m. ET, which I will call “After the After the Not-So-Final Rose.” Perhaps unsurprisingly, Reality Steve, who still insists the ending was scripted, has spoilers from his mole about tonight’s reunion in a post that’s not quite as excruciatingly long or overwritten as the others.

Meanwhile, host Chris Harrison has already insisted that the ending wasn’t faked, and this morning he uses his Entertainment Weekly blog to explain exactly how things went down–and how tight he is with the people he escorts around, OMG. (“I have an amazing picture of the three of us that I took on my phone right after the proposal,” Chris wrote of Melissa and Jason.)

He reveals that the proposal and finale happened “right before Thanksgiving” and “After the holidays something changed. Jason was struggling with Melissa and he told me something was wrong and things had changed between them. A few weeks after that I heard that Jason was going to break up with Melissa and that he still had feelings for Molly.”

Harrison adds, “here we are in the middle of the Bachelor season on TV and our Bachelor is breaking up with the woman he chose and going after the one that he let go. We had a decision to make. What do we do with this situation and this information?” They decided to “quickly put together the first After the Final Rose special and brought the three of them together to play it out” because “the only thing we could do out of respect for all of you watching was to show, as delicately as possible, what the hell was happening.”

Chris Harrison blogs ‘The Bachelor’: The finale and ‘After the Final Rose’ [Entertainment Weekly]
ATFR 2 Taping [Reality Steve]

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