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Bachelor 13 concludes tonight with finale and shocking, audience-less reunion

Tonight’s the night: Three hours of The Bachelor 13, including the one-hour reunion that apparently contains the crazy, shocking, oh-my-God, who-could-have-imagined, shit my life will never be the same again I need to go have a drink moment that we’ve been teased with for weeks. Will single dad Jason Mesnick pick Melissa Rycroft or Molly Malaney? Will he take off his shirt again to show off the body ABC helped pay for?

Besides Jason’s proposal and the reunion, Deanna Pappas returns for some mysterious reason at some point; might she figure in to the big twist? (Follow reality blurred on Twitter if you want immediate updates, like if, say, Deanna decides to go after the two women with a machete, since this is the 13th season, after all.) And tonight won’t be all this season has to offer: Thanks to the crap-your-romance-pants moment, ABC added an extra hour that will air Tuesday night at 10 p.m. ET.

Despite all of this excitement, some sad people who think network executives make programming decisions based upon free, anonymous, poorly written online petitions (that, of course, no one, not just network executives, actually read) are are demanding ABC not air the show, as they believe the report that producers fabricated the ending.

Host Chris Harrison adamantly denied that the ending was in any way constructed by the show. However, producers did know what was going to happen before the reunion.

One clip released by ABC shows Chris Harrison introducing the reunion, and he says, “As you can see, we have no audience here tonight, because what you are about to witness is potentially so dramatic, so emotionally difficult, we decided, out of respect for the parties involved, to keep the taping of tonight’s show as intimate as possible.”

In other words, producers knew in advance what was going to happen. That certainly isn’t any kind of proof that the ending was staged, because any good producer would, of course, talk extensively to the participants before taping a reunion. But it absolutely guarantees that what happened was not a surprise to the producers or to the host.

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