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Phil Keoghan strips to his underwear in Russia

If it’s not already obvious why Amazing Race host Phil Keoghan’s lack of an Emmy nomination was a major snub, last night’s episode provided enough evidence, as our host stripped to his black Calvin Klein boxer briefs in the middle of Siberia just to make a point. And we know the Academy deeply values that, because why else would Heidi Klum have been nominated?

  • Teams had to travel to Novosibirsk and Novosibirsk Oblast, and Christie or Jodi asked if it’d be cold there, and the other said that with “that many consonants in it, it is not warm.” I’m just impressed they know what consonants are.
  • Mike said Margie and Luke are “the power players here,” and told Luke’s mom, “He’s going to create a whole new archetype. The sinister deaf kid.”
  • Mark and Michael ran across a street with cars honking at them, and one said, “Being stuntmen, we do know how to be hit by cars.” Might be something they should teach to their camera operator before the next time htey run into traffic.
  • Jamie and Cara’s cab driver smoked, which irritated them, and one said, “I think that’s his way of dealing with me screaming at him in English.” At least that’s better than dumping your asses on the side of the road.
  • Introducing the Detour, Phil said that it was a choice between “two unavoidable aspects of Siberian life,” which was weird because it essentially equated plowing snow with a “Russian bride,” as if the only way to get rid of women who pile up is to marry them.
  • “I’d rather party with virgin brides than snow plows,” Mike said, clearly forgetting that it’s not fun to party with something that doesn’t know how to plow.
  • Christie and Jodi asked directions from men who “reeked of vodka” and were “all drunk,” and who gave the camera the finger. “That guy touched my butt and asked me my name,” one of them said, apparently having flashbacks to her time as a flight attendant.
  • “She thinks we’re trying to kill her,” Jodi and Christie said of their bride, who looked amazingly calm considering she was riding around with Jodi and Christie.
  • Phil’s introduction to the Roadblock began with an extreme close-up on his face, and as he explained that one person would have to run around “in their underwear,” the camera pulled back to reveal him in his underwear, looking surprisingly buff. He really wants his Emmmy.
  • The marathon teams had to run was 1.4 miles, so basically it’s a Biggest Loser loser’s idea of a marathon.
  • Tammy did the underwear run and Victor said, “I was so jealous ’cause I actually really wanted to run around the streets in my underwear.” Probably not a good idea for someone as directionally challenged as you, Victor, to wander around in sub-0 temperatures without any clothes on.
  • “I just kept looking down and kept running,” Luke said via his mom, although it’s not quite clear why staring at his package helped him.
  • At the mat, which was inside a theater, Mark and Mike wandered around before finding Phil, who wasn’t hidden and was, in fact, calling out to them. Perhaps they were distracted by the ballet dancers on stage, who led Victor to gush, “to watch ballet dancers as we run in is just fantastic.”
  • Running in his underwear, thinking that people were staring at him, Mike said, “I’m kind of like an exhibition.” No, it’s exhibitionist.
  • The confession of the night came from Jen, who said, “I had to actually change into underwear since I don’t wear any.”
  • Christie and Jodi came in last, but were saved by the first non-elimination, which seemed to not be a surprise to them, which is odd considering how nearly everything else seems to surprise them.

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