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Woz apologizes for calling Dancing “a lie” and “fake”

Steve Wozniak has apologized to the producers of Dancing with the Stars after calling the show “fake,” and “a lie,” and says that the show’s executive producer told Woz that Woz’s comments “injured the show and” the producer.

Tuesday night, just before the live results show, a message from Woz was posted his Facebook group (by Real World Miami star Joe Patane, who has worked with Woz), in which Woz said, “I wrote that the producers were liars, simply because I truly believed in that possibility, not because I had a shred of evidence. I hurt a lot of honest people.”

Woz wrote that those “responsible for counting audience votes and keeping them honest told me all the specific details of where their numbers came from. More than that, they explained how they can catch onto various forms of manipulation of the system by exactly the methods I had thought out in my head that would work. I was offered an opportunity to see the equipment they use also. You can tell when things are extremely on the level. You can also see why the exact totals cannot be released. That would make it harder to detect fraud.”

Woz added that executive producer Conrad Green “told me how horribly what I had said injured the show and himself. You can tell when someone is speaking in a way that they can’t possibly be a liar or trying to deceive you the least bit. Conrad and the other producers are not liars. They are extremely honest people in my mind.”

So what did Woz write before apologizing for writing it? The post has been deleted from Facebook, but CNET quotes the message in a story. Woz wrote that he was “challenging the truthfulness of reporting of our dance team positions. But I am who I am, and I speak my mind and hate these unethical twists. I’m not after any Hollywood existence.”

“I’m sure they want me in this dance-off to get higher Tuesday ratings, and they have preplanned it so that I win. If my leg acts up tomorrow, they will either have to announce another pair as being the lowest or send me home, and I don’t think they will give me up,” he wrote. “If [producers] disclosed the numbers, it would be less of a game, but still suspect. If tomorrow, they claim I’m in the bottom 2 dance teams, including viewer votes, I believe that it’s an outright lie.”

Woz also said that he was basically harassing producers with on-camera comments. “I called it fake about 20 times today on camera. Each time in the same sentence as whatever comment they wanted about doing a dance-off tomorrow. That way, they couldn’t edit it easily to say what they wanted. They kept trying to get me to say what I’d do if I was in the dance-off without using the word fake,” he wrote. “They will have some small video tomorrow of me saying things that I strongly told them I don’t believe. They will also shoot me in a one-hour rehearsal tomorrow with my partner, but I’ll keep calling the idea of my being in the bottom 2, after audience participation, a lie.”

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