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Steve-O judged on rehearsal after being injured

Another injury has affected Dancing with the Stars 8, although this time it hasn’t resulted in someone leaving the competition. Steve-O could not perform during the live show because of a back injury, but because he was injured at the end of his dress rehearsal, the footage of that performance was shown and the judges scored that (poorly) instead.

Tom Bergeron explained that “according to the official rules, the judges will based their scores and you at home will base your votes on his performance in dress rehearsal” because during that rehearsal, Steve-O “landed on his mic pack at the end of his dance” and later had to be transported to the hospital.

Bergeron said later that the Jackass star “exacerbated the back injury he was already dealing with” and that he “hopes to be back next week.” His pro partner Lacey Schwimmer, who the judges yelled at for her choreography, said backstage that while “nothing’s broken … there are plenty of other things that could be wrong.”

The other newly injured participant was Apple’s Steve Wozniak, who has a fracture in his foot, but he showed up with his usual limitless joy and danced, although not well. Still, he’s 150 times more entertaining than half of the celebrities on the show, like Chuck Wicks, who seems to only be on the show to insist that he’s impossibly straight and all of the dances are too feminine for him. During his conversation with Samantha, he even said, “we all know what Bruno wants,” leading Tom Bergeron to say, “welcome to the new read-between-the-lines edition of Dancing with the Stars.”

Tuesday night, the first results show of this season will air, and the bottom two will re-perform a single dance and get judged again, with their “original scores for that dance thrown out,” Tom said. He called this an “exciting new twist” for the results show, and by that, he means there may actually be a reason to watch it.

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