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Is Adam Lambert gay? Photos of him making out with men, video comments say yes

Despite having a gay stripper as a finalist, American Idol has yet to have an openly gay finalist during the show (those who are gay, from Jim Verarros to Clay Aiken, have come out later).

American Idol 8‘s top 12 has an apparently openly gay member, Adam Lambert, and although he has yet to reference his sexual orientation on the show, everyone seems to be skirting around it by referring to him as “flamboyant,” as if this was the 1950s. During Friday’s conference call with reporters, most of the questions for Adam were about his clothes and “theatrical” performances, but no one came right out with it.

In a YouTube video of a New Year’s Eve performance, Adam clears up any mystery. Talking about a female co-star he says, “I’ve gotten to kiss those lips, and although it’s not my preference,” and he pauses so the audience can chuckle.

There’s some additional proof at Vote for the Worst: photos of Adam making out with other guys from his page; Dudetube has an additional picture of him dressed only in what appear to be briefs made of leaves, which itself proves little more than we can expect some awesome costumes to come.

Still, fans are fans, and last month, one fan created an entire 41-second video to insist that he’s not gay, writing, “I want proof that he is gay before I start thinking that!!” The blog Idletard (“it’s all about fantards who obsess about Idol”) collected hysterical comments from YouTube about that video, like this supportive but ridiculous gem: “So what? I like this guy, he have the most power voice I never ear. So, Adam looking good, and his sex life it has not our bisness. What he make in his room or sex life it will be ok.”

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