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The City cast members get dialogue via text message; Whitney has “a whole ‘nother life”

The star and producer of The City, the New York-set spin-off of The Hills that follows Whitney Port’s life, both admit that the life it follows isn’t actually Whitney’s real life, from the way her friends receive text messages with dialogue to the way she has an entire life we never see.

First, The Los Angeles Times reports that Whitney’s show friends “sometimes receive talking points and dialogue from producers via text messages,” and says that Whitney “had started to put ‘romantic relationship’ in airquotes” while talking about her relationship with Jay Lyon.

That fake relationship came about because, as executive producer and series creator Adam DiVello said, “What we never got to see on ‘The Hills’ was Whitney’s personal life. She was dating someone for a long time that couldn’t be on camera.”

Thus, they cast someone, Jay Lyon, for her to date on her new show, which Whitney says involved “sacrifice”: “I had to sacrifice my personal being, kind of. Which is difficult. It’s obviously very difficult to allow yourself to be that vulnerable and have a real relationship with however many cameras, microphones, people in vans listening. It’s not a natural situation. But when I met Jay, the fellow I’m doing this with, having the romantic relationship with on camera, we had just an instant chemistry and a natural reaction. It just worked,” she said.

“I have a whole ‘nother life that no one knows about,” Whitney said, and later explained why she thinks the artificial version of her life is worthwhile. “I think in a way maybe it gives people an escape from all this detrimental reality. It’s just a form of entertainment. And I think people look at it as an escape. They can go home and turn off their brains — just be stupid for half an hour and drown themselves in someone else’s drama. I know what the show is. I get it. You know what I mean? It’s MTV. It’s a reality show.”

Or not.

In MTV’s ‘The City,’ cameras follow Whitney Port all over [Los Angeles Times]

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