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Danity Kane dissolves and Making the Band 4 will now focus on Day26, Donnie Klang

Danity Kane, the group formed on Making the Band 3 and followed during Making the Band 4, has broken up, so the new season of the fourth installment will focus primarily on Day26 and Donnie Klang instead.

Shannon Bex has officially left the group, which was rumored last fall, and with Aubrey O’Day and D. Woods both kicked out last fall, that leaves just Dawn Richard and Aundrea Fimbres.

“As of right now, [Danity Kane doesn’t exist]. It’s devastating for me,” Dawn Richard told MTV News. “You’ll see me and Drea [Aundrea Fimbres] try and pick up the pieces on our own [on this season’s show] — pieces that we didn’t even make. We didn’t even break it and we’re trying to sweep it up ourselves. Puff invited all the girls to come back on this season and they chose not to. Only two of us showed up. That’s fine if that’s the choice. … It changes [our situation] completely. We have fans out there who love Danity Kane. We love Danity Kane. It’s hard. We’re sitting here trying to make sense of it now. It’s hard. We’re put in this position that we didn’t ask to be in and we’re being told to fix it.”

In a separate MTV News interview, Dawn Richard said that Diddy is “devastated. I think he thought people would get over it ’cause he’s a man. He’s just confused. I think that’s what makes him crazy the most. He’s like, ‘I’m the master of all of this, and they totally pulled the wool.’ I think he’s bitter and angry.” She also denied that he kicked the other women out in order to give her a solo career. “No one is in cahoots with Puff. Puff is in cahoots with himself. Everyone who knows Puff knows Puff rolls with himself. His hustle is money. That’s what he does. I’m just devastated. I wish the rumors were true.”

The show returns Feb. 12, and while MTV says that it begins “with Danity Kane shattered and Day 26 determined to not suffer the same fate,” the network says “the new installments will focus on the guys of Bad Boy Entertainment Day26.” This Thursday at 9, MTV will air “Damaged: A Making the Band Special” that includes “[f]ans of the show, media experts and members of the cast” talking about last season.

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