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MySpace will let its users plan the wedding for contest-winning couple

MySpace and Endemol are producing a 13-episode online reality series that will give one couple an all-expenses-paid wedding, but at a huge price: they have to let MySpace users plan every detail.

Get Married On MySpace has that paradox at its core: MySpace’s announcement says “[t]he interactive online series will allow one lucky couple to receive the wedding of their dreams in exchange for letting the MySpace community plan and experience their big day first hand.”

Who dreams about invitations will feature illegible fonts on animated backgrounds; seizure-inducing decorations; an album of photos of the wedding party and guests standing shirtless in front of a mirror; loud, bad music playing at inappropriate times; and strangers, crappy bands, and actual whores showing up and insisting that they’re your friend?

For those who do want some version of that, applications for Get Married On MySpace will be accepted starting in March, while the series airs from May to August, with voting “on two key wedding details” happens each week. MySpace VP Jason Kirk said in the press release, “The concept of empowering the worldwide MySpace audience to plan the most important and perhaps stressful day of one couple’s lives makes for great reality programming. Endemol and MySpace will offer fans of Get Married on MySpace the ability to get involved and stay connected to the series, the bride and groom, and each other, in a way that no other reality series has ever done before.”

It’s that “empowering the worldwide MySpace audience” part that will clearly result in the most drama, as users of MySpace–i.e. those people who haven’t yet abandoned it for Facebook–will do everything “from casting the couple, selecting the bride’s dress, choosing the couple’s rings, and picking the wedding location,” according to MySpace.

If that’s not bad enough, Endemol and MySpace’s show “creates numerous organic integration opportunities for advertisers to incorporate their brands into the series.” Now there’s the central component of the romantic, storybook wedding that dances in the dreams of lovers everywhere.

MySpace and Endemol Partner to Launch Web Reality Series: “Get Married on MySpace” [MySpace press release]

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