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Eight-person Real World Brooklyn cast announced

MTV finally, officially announced The Real World Brooklyn cast yesterday, and for the first time in its 21 season history, has a cast of eight, not seven, strangers. (Of course, many seasons have ultimately had more cast members than that, once people leave and are replaced.) The new season debuts

The 13 hour-long episodes debut Jan. 7. MTV also announced that it will air “a tell-all special on the evolution of the landmark series”; that special, “The Real World: Secrets Revealed,” debuts Jan. 4 at 11 a.m.

Here are excerpts from MTV’s bios for those eight people, who have been previously identified and photographed, and some of whom will join producers for a screening of the show and Q&A in New York:

Baya, 21, Salt Lake City: “laid-back granola vibe hides a deep passion for the hip-hop culture”; “continually feels like a fish out of water, which stems from growing up as a non-Mormon in a predominately Mormon Salt Lake City society”; “aspires to be a professional hip-hop dancer and is determined not to allow her severe panic attacks to stand in her way”

Chet, 23, Salt Lake City: “not the typical punk rock party boy”; “this University of Utah frat boy is one of ten children in a devoted Mormon family”; “Chet’s flamboyant style and energetic personality always make him the life of the party. However, this doesn’t mean that he will compromise his firm beliefs — no alcohol and no premarital sex”; “strong conservative Republican”; “goal is to become a television host”

Devyn, 20, Kansas City: “winner of Miss Missouri Teen and Miss America Teen pageants”; “tough on anyone who stands in her way”; “flirtatious behavior allows her to get what she wants without having to give up anything — especially sex”; “theatre and music studies major at the University of South Florida, Devyn hopes to one day be a part of the entertainment industry”; “Devyn has no problem juggling multiple suitors at any given time”

J.D., 22, Miami Beach: “grew up in an abusive home in Orlando, FL”; “inspired to become a dolphin trainer after a trip to SeaWorld”; “became one of the youngest dolphin trainers at Miami Seaquarium at the tender age of 19”

Katelynn, 24, West Palm Beach: “raised in a religious Italian household”; “was born male”; “By age 17, she began living as a woman. This past July, Katelynn traveled to Thailand to undergo surgery to complete her transformation”; “self-proclaimed computer geek and holds a black belt in Tae Kwon Do”; “hopes to one day marry her current boyfriend, Mike”

Ryan, 23, Gettysburg, Penn.: “After enlisting in the Army at age 17, Ryan completed a tour in Iraq where he guarded Saddam Hussein during his trial and lived through many near-death experiences”; “found an outlet to express his feelings through writing and music”; “juggles his time between amateur filmmaking, guitar playing and devising his next prank, Ryan is currently in his first relationship ever.”

Sarah, 22, San Francisco: “may look like another tattooed punk but under her ink is a passionate woman with an intense past”; “was the victim of sexual abuse”; “has dedicated herself to educating and advocating for sexually-abused men and women through art and creative therapy”; “hopes to have her art shown in a gallery”; “has recently fallen in love with a guy she met on a set-up through her mother – until now, most of Sarah’s relationships have been with women”

Scott, 23, Salem, NH: “Often perceived to be a “muscle head'”; “his award-winning abs … were featured in Men’s Health”; “an accomplished personal trainer”; “has created his own fitness website to educate the public on health and fitness while pursuing his new passions — acting and modeling.”

MTV Welcomes Eight New “The Real World” Roommates [MTV press release]

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