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Dallas is dating Starr, missed the finale because of lost passport, which was returned

Dallas and Toni Imbimbo, who were eliminated from The Amazing Race 13 on Sunday’s episode, missed the finale as a result. In other words, they won’t be standing near the final mat to cheer on the final three teams.

First, however, after flirting with her relentlessly on the race, Dallas is still dating Starr Spangler, although it’s a long-distance relationship as they live on opposite coasts. “We’ve been dating for a while now, about six months. We’re taking it one day at a time,” Dallas told Fancast.

As to his colossal screw-up in the episode that essentially cost them the race, Dallas says his passport and money were lost because production needed to change his mic’s battery, and he had to change cabs; in the confusion, his stuff was lost.

“What happened was I had to do a microphone battery change. I was in the cab for about an hour. The driver didn’t know where he was going. I said, ‘I need a new taxi.’ So, as I was getting out to do the microphone change [the Amazing Race staff] undid my fanny pack with all my stuff in it because they had to get to the microphone. When I got out of the first taxi, it wasn’t attached to me anymore. I hopped into a new taxi, took that to where I needed to be and then went to pay. I didn’t have any money. That’s when I realized I’d left it in the previous taxi.”

Ultimately, though, he still left it behind. Dallas said that he actually was in three taxis, and that the editing misrepresented what happened. “They made it look like the taxi with my pack drove away and I just watched it and waved goodbye. That was far from the case,” Dallas said.

As he explained to Reality TV World, Dallas “got out and flagged down a new taxi, got a new taxi and went in there for about 20-30 minutes and finally had them take me to somewhere I knew. When I got there that’s when I realized I didn’t have the bag with me and my passport and my money was long gone. They made it look like [the cab] was right there and I could run after it but that’s not true. If it was anywhere near there I would’ve caught up to it, I don’t care if it was three miles down the road I woulda ran after it. But I had no chance of finding it,” he said.

Ultimately, Dallas says his “passport was turned in to the U.S. Embassy, so I was actually [able to] get home. I wasn’t able to make it for the finale, but we finally got back later, luckily not too much later than everybody else.”

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