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The lost Survivor Gabon interviews: Corinne says “the final five are boring”

When, Ace and Dan were voted out at the same time, I was coincidentally in an undisclosed location–soon to become disclosed–so I wasn’t able to talk to them until later. There was a similar delay with Charlie, and by then, new people were being voted out, and so here we are: I’m behind with interviews. Plus, it’s a ridiculous amount of work to transcribe human speech.

So, just in time for this week’s penultimate episode and season finale of Sunday night, here are the four lost reality blurred Survivor Gabon interviews, starting below with Corinne Kaplan. The others are in separate posts:

  • Charlie Herschel: “Literally, every interview I had with a producer–every interview, even ones when he was gone, they would ask me, ‘Do you have a crush on Marcus?’ And in every interview, I would say…
  • Dan Kay: “the only time I think I’ve seen something on TV that bothered me, was when Marcus called me a bumbling idiot. … Other than that, I pretty much laughed at everything on TV. When Corinne called me a ‘former fatty’…
  • Ace Gordon: “I’ve never heard such lackluster conversations in my entire life. It was just traumatizing, to tell the truth. They were mental midgets…

Corinne was voted off last Thursday, and said that, despite Bob’s fake immunity idol and their alliance with Ken and Crystal, “I thought there was a 99 percent chance I was going home. That was a long shot.” Corinne could not understand, however, why they’d try to flush out the idol, particularly when they “let Sugar have an idol for 25 days without flushing it. The hell?”

As usual, she doesn’t hide her feelings about the tribe’s failure to vote out Matty. “There are five people, you morons. You can’t all be in the final three, or two. There are five of you! So somebody at some point needs to make a bold move, or else some of you aren’t going to make finals. I don’t know what fairy land they’re living in, but it’s not smart. Make a move.”

When she was voted out, Corinne complimented Ken. “This poor kid, he was always really kind to me. Around camp, I was a leper; no one would hang out with me. It was Bob and I against everybody,” she said. “I felt horrible that now I’ve set Kenny up to be defeated just based on the fact that he flipped on his alliance. The least I could do for this kid is say I wish him luck.” Corinne added that she respects Crystal and Kenny’s game play, and both were”extremely pleasant around camp,” regardless of the editing.

Like Marcus and Charlie before her, Corinne is disappointed the twist screwed up her alliance. “If not for the twist, do you have any doubt that we would have carried out to the end, loyal to each other and strategizing all the way,” she said. “Either you’re going to have some boring episodes leading up to the end with the final five, because it’s obvious we’re going to dominate. Or you twist it up and you have some interesting episodes and the final five are boring. We would have been feisty. We’re all extreme personalities; we would have been going toe-to-toe. You’re talking about smart people; it would have been really interesting to watch.”

In Africa, Corinne told me, “I have no moral compass,” and she’s certainly provided entertainment and/or shock value on TV for the things she says, like a comment about stabbing Susie in the face. On her final episode, she said she was left “in a camp of mutants.”

Now, she said that “when I said that I would do things that were morally questionable, what I meant was that, in a confessional [interview], when I say that I would like to stab Susie in the face, I’m sure that is not what good, pious, religious, morally sound people would say,” Corinne said. “Would I really stab her in the face? No.” She also talked about how she was willing to turn on her alliance, even people she liked.

More interestingly, Corinne said there hasn’t been much backlash toward her verbal lashings. “I have never been recognized. I live in LA; I literally live blocks from the walk of fame [and] I have never had a single person recognize me,” she said. People online, however, have sent her “a ton of hate mail.” Those messages are actually upset with her for not being worse; Corinne said the notes say things like, “I thought you were going to be a bigger bitch; it’s such a letdown.”

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