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2008’s most popular reality TV stories and shows

When I talked with Marcus Lehman in Gabon last June, I had no idea that his penis would generate more interest than any other story I wrote last year. If I’d known that it’d soon be accidentally exposed to the whole world and become insanely popular, I would have at least asked him a few questions about it.

Just like last year, the stories people read the most on reality blurred were about sex, nudity, or a resident physician’s genitalia. Thus, I will be making changes such as replacing morning-after recaps of The Amazing Race with badly Photoshopped fake nude images of its cast members. (I joke, of course.)

The lists below only represents stories published in 2008, as I filter out previous years’ stories to determine what happened last year that was popular; otherwise, the list would be dominated by other porn stories. This may be the solution to the newspaper and magazine industry’s economic woes: publish lots of free porn.

Anyway, here are the most popular pages on reality blurred over the past year, as determined by the popularity of individual stories and of show-specific archive pages.

The 20 Most-Popular reality blurred Stories of 2008

  1. Marcus Lehman’s penis exposed on Survivor [Survivor Gabon]
  2. James appears in more gay porn [Big Brother 9]
  3. Dallas is dating Starr, missed the finale because of lost passport, which was returned [Amazing Race 13]
  4. Ollie and April have (unprotected) sex [Big Brother 9]
  5. Jeff Probst and Julie Berry broke up; Richard Hatch smuggled matches in his ass [Survivor Vanuatu/All-Stars]
  6. Big Brother 9 cast member James appeared in amateur porn, print ad for gay porn [Big Brother 9]
  7. Ad for Idol 8 admits looks matter, not singing [American Idol 8]
  8. Two Big Brother couples have sex [Big Brother 9]
  9. Jessica “Sugar” Kiper: “I’d rather be the innocent pin-up than someone who gets paid to” act [Survivor Gabon]
  10. Nude photo of Amazing Race 13’s Dallas removed [Amazing Race 13]
  11. Jon & Kate Plus 8’s Kate: “we’re certainly not going to hide our imperfections” [Jon & Kate Plus 8]
  12. Design Star’s Mikey Verdugo did gay porn, is an openly gay police officer [Design Star]
  13. New York and Tailor Made will stay together despite her move to California [New York Goes to Hollywood]
  14. Amy Finley said no to a second season of her Food show in part due to blogger “attacks” [Next Food Network Star
  15. Report claims New York and Tailor Made broke up, and I Love New York 3 may follow [I Love New York 2]
  16. Roloff family friend and Little People, Big World cast member Mike Detjen dies [Little People, Big World]
  17. Alex McCord defends nude photos; Jason Colodne sues employer for $55 million over show-related firing The Real Housewives
  18. Paradise Hotel 2 contestant died after filming ended [Paradise Hotel 2]
  19. DeAnna and Jesse break up [The Bachelorette 4]
  20. Keesha was topless in a horror movie [Big Brother 10]

The 20 Most-Popular Reality Shows on reality blurred in 2008

  1. Big Brother 9
  2. Survivor Gabon
  3. Big Brother 10
  4. The Amazing Race 13
  5. The Real World Hollywood
  6. American Idol 7
  7. Real World/Road Rules Challenges
  8. Survivor Micronesia
  9. The Hills
  10. Extreme Makeover: Home Edition
  11. The Bachelor 12
  12. Dancing with the Stars 6
  13. Paradise Hotel 2
  14. The Celebrity Apprentice
  15. Hell’s Kitchen 4
  16. Project Runway 4
  17. The Biggest Loser 5
  18. The Mole 3
  19. Top Model 10
  20. Project Runway 5

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