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American Idol 5 auditioner now does gay porn, was previously “confused … for a girl”

A contestant who was rejected during the audition stage of American Idol 5, and who said he was frequently confused for a girl because of his feminine appearance, has changed his looks significantly and now has a career in gay porn.

Zachary Travis works under the name Kirk Cummings (really), and as The Sword reports, Zachary “shed the bob and the bell-bottoms to shoot high-profile porn movies for gay studios like Falcon, Channel 1, Hot House and Studio 2000. As Kirk, he’s been on the cover of Freshmen magazine and has also got a new single.”

During his audition, Zachary told the judges, “people confused me for a girl a lot of times,” and Randy asked, “are you a girl?” When he said, “no, I’m a guy,” Randy said, “You are?” He then sang/mangled Whitney Houston’s “Queen of the Night.” That audition, plus other examples of the judges’ cruelty towards people based on sex and gender that season, promoted GLAAD to say it was “reaching out to the show’s producers to discuss our concerns.”

In a video posted Oct. 2007, Zach said, “I was the contestant they confused for a girl; this is what I look like now.” He thanked his fans for the attention because “it has helped me form a name for myself, which in turn is helping me to get into the entertainment industry a lot easier.” As to his audition, he said, “I do admit that was very horrible; I can’t even watch it because I sound like crap.” But again, he recognizes how it helped him: “If I would have actually sounded good, I probably wouldn’t have gotten as much attention as I did.”

His new single “Badass” is produced under his stage name, but the video (and I use that term loosely, since it’s model-like photographs set to music) is posted to YouTube under the username “zacharytravisidol.” It has lyrics such as, “’cause sexuality, I wear it on my sleeves/’cause I flaunt it, you want it, and I just can’t get enough.”

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