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Heidi and Spencer elope but may not be married

Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt, The Hills villains/millionaires who broke up on the season finale last December, unexpectedly got married Nov. 19 in Mexico–but their marriage may not be legal.

After Perez Hilton broke the news–and the blogging world reacted; my favorite response is B-Side’sUs Weekly ran a cover story that included their vows (read before eating or after purging). Heidi gave everyone in the world the perfect joke set-up when she said, “The minute we said our vows, I couldn’t stop crying.”

She may have more reasons to cry: the Associated Press reports–and yes, the AP is dedicating resources to covering Heidi and Spencer’s wedding, which makes me want to throw up more than the actual union–that there are legal hurdles:

“The story does not address whether they obtained a marriage license or took part in a separate civil ceremony, which is required by Mexican law to make the union binding.

A couple can register their marriage up to 10 days after a ceremony, but California does not recognize marriage ceremonies outside the United States, according to the state’s Department of Public Health. A couple can petition a court later to have their marriage legally recognized. …

Americans who wish to get married in Mexico must first go through a process that takes about five days, according to Mexico’s foreign relations department Web site. They must obtain a health certificate, including blood test results from a local doctor; and provide official translations of legal documents, such as birth certificates. Only civil, nonreligious marriages conducted in Mexico are valid internationally.”

Spencer told Us, “Like other elopements that happen outside the country, we’ll take care of the legal details when we get home.” Like actually getting married?

He also said that they “had a beautiful ceremony here at One & Only Palmilla officiated by a minister and photographed by the hotel photographer.” That’s interesting because MTV executive Liz Gateley told MTV News that the ceremony was filmed for the show. “MTV is currently filming Heidi and Spencer in Mexico, as we were expecting to capture them on vacation. Fans will be able to see the exclusive footage from the ceremony in an upcoming episode, and we will continue to follow the newlyweds’ relationship as it plays out in real life,” she said.

So was their actual ceremony filmed? Like most everything else on The Hills, it will probably just be re-shot and re-created a time and place convenient for the show’s producers, so actual life doesn’t intrude with their schedules.

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