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Hoopz wins I Love Money

The first season of I Love Money ended Sunday night, and Hoopz won the $250,000. She appeared on the first season of Flavor of Love and won, although she and Flavor broke up.

On the last episode, which Megan quit rather than let the jury eliminate her, leaving Hoopz and Whiteboy to compete in the final challenge, which she won. Radar runs down the other highlights; a reunion airs next Sunday.

Regarding her win, Hoopz told VH1, “I was in denial when I did win. So I am completely grounded about it. $250,000 is a lot of money but there’s more out there. I’m saving it all.”

As to Real’s marriage proposal, which came even though she’s in a relationship and they’d never even kissed, Hoopz said that they “totally are [tight]. He took it to a whole different level. He knew I had a boyfriend, but we never really talked about my personal life. But he took a chance, I think people should take chances. You never know what can happen. … I was like, ‘Oh my god you’re crazy!’ But he did what he did and we’re still the best of friends.”

I Love Money: The Happy Ending [Radar]
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