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Survivor Pearl Islands diary auction removed from eBay

Nicole Delma, who no one remembers was the first person voted off of Survivor Pearl Islands, was auctioning off journals she kept during the audition process and while she stayed at Ponderosa after being voted off–or at least, she was auctioning them off until the auction was deleted.

The auction “has been removed,” according to the “Survivor Diaries” eBay listing page, even though it was supposed to end at 10:10 p.m. ET, and closed auctions still show up on eBay.

In an interview conducted last week but published today, Nicole told Broadcasting & Cable, “I hope the auction price shoots up before I get a call from CBS.”

The auction page, reproduced here, said that her “contract is up so this information is no longer ‘forbidden’ to the public,” and that “[t]he release of these journals is not meant to spoil the show but will definitley provide some insight into what the show is really all about. “

In the eBay listing, Nicole says that her diaries describe how her “audition video was actually staged and ‘filmed’ in her hotel room with the help of producers after she had already completed her audition,” and identify “which scenes they were asked to film over and over because the first take didn’t go well.”

Nicole also told B&C, “I actually enjoyed when the final Survivor identity went away, and I was able to escape that stigma.” So why put herself back into the spotlight and do an interview with an trade publication? Because she’s greedy: “I’m starting business school and this seemed like an easy way to raise money for it,” she said. And the paper reports that “if the auction should catch the attention of a publisher, she’ll retain rights to the content for a potential book.”

A CBS spokesperson told B&C, “Yawn. Suggestions that the Survivor experience isn’t real or that the competition is staged are as old as they are false.”

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