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Marcus Lehman’s penis exposed on Survivor

CBS is notorious for its often-unnecessary blurring of Survivor cast members. Anything deemed offensive–a bit too much breast, some pubic hair, a revealing bulge–gets a fuzzy spot placed over it.

It’s so odd and amusing that there’s even now a video compilation of the “gratuitous blurring” from the first episode.

But on Tuesday’s two-hour premiere, something did not get censored: Marcus Lehman‘s penis.

In the second episode, during the combined immunity and reward challenge–a recreation of one from Survivor Africa–Marcus starts running and gets exposed.

He’s wearing loose-fitting boxers, and right after Jeff says “go” and everyone starts running, Marcus’ penis pops out for a few strides.

It’s in both a close-up and a wide shot, and is extremely obvious if you’re looking for it. It’s even visible in the challenge video on CBS’ web site, at the 2:30 mark.

Oh La La has still photographs and Naked Straight Guys created a video that replays the moment in slow motion and zooms in–and sets the whole thing to ironic music complete with sound effects.

Update: CBS has removed and/or edited the videos on its site, and Metacafe removed the embeddable video. However, you can still watch it on the Naked Straight Guys blog.

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