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Six Project Runway 5 designers will show at Fashion Week Friday

Project Runway 5 narrowed its designers down to six designers, all of whom will (presumably) present collections at Fashion Week this Friday morning in front of guest judge Jennifer Lopez. How many of them are actually still in the competition remains to be seen, but three pre-finale challenges and episodes remain, so it’s likely there will be a final three.

The six remaining designers are Suede Baum, Kenley Collins, Joe Faris, Leanne Marshall, Korto Momolu, and Jerell Scott, as the two designers eliminated last night were Terri Stevens and Blayne Walsh.

Last night’s episode featured more than just those eight designers, because this season’s eight losers were inexplicably brought back to be randomly teamed with those still in the competition.

Brilliant move: Bring back all of the people who suck so bad at designing and are so boring we’ve already forgotten they were on the show and force them to work with people who know how bad they suck. After all, why let the designers prove themselves worthy of Fashion Week on their own when there’s a way to introduce some artificial conflict?

Things didn’t go well with Terri and her partner, coma-inducing Keith, who she basically ignored, although she was eliminated due to a garment she pretty much exclusively worked on. During judging, Michael Kors made an excellent point while critiquing her and her failed collaboration. “You are never going to have a serious career unless you can have other people collaborate with you and help you,” he said.

He’s right, but of course, rational people wouldn’t hire rejects they don’t respect to help them design a dress that will affect their future in the industry. I’m not quite sure why the producers and network didn’t just didn’t cover the workroom and runway with gasoline and ignite it instead of all of this passive-aggressive destruction.

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