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Dan awakened, rescued by Big Brother’s producers

Two amusing but YouTube clips illustrate Big Brother 10 houseguest Dan’s relationship with the show’s producers/Big Brother voice button pushers. They’re just like overbearing but occasionally helpful parents, demanding he get out of bed and rescuing him from awkward conversations.

This morning around 10:45 a.m. PT, they forced him to get out of bed (did they do this to Jessie, like, constantly?). A producer tells Dan in a super-irritated voice, “Dan, I said it’s time to get up for the day.” It’s perhaps a pre-recorded announcement, because 30 seconds later, the same line with the same tone of voice is repeated. Watch it here at the 2:09 and 2:47 marks–and then watch the producers cut the live feeds before they, I don’t know, change the cast’s diapers or do something else they didn’t want us to see.

Speaking of Dan and things we’re not supposed to see, there was another Diary Room leak yesterday, although just audio and only for a few seconds, and nothing as scintillating as Michelle’s flirting with the Diary Room producer. While he was talking to Renny and Keesha, Dan was called to the Diary Room by the same booming voice.

Interestingly, just getting summoned to talk with producers leads to suspicion and questions, even though the houseguest in question has no say in whether or not they’re called in. Immediately after Dan left the room, Renny said, “That dude has to be America’s Player–as many times as he’s called in there?”

Anyway, in the short video clip, and audio of Renny and Keesha stays up, but Dan’s mic also remains on, because you can clearly hear him say, “Thanks for getting me out of there,” and then, “Oh my god, how awkward is that?” The producer’s voice can’t be heard, but if Dan’s time in that room is anything like Michelle’s interviews, Dan probably said that when the producer told him, “Ooh, kinky,” “you look good,” and “I think we get verklempt around each other.”

BB yelling at Dan to get up 10:42am and BB 10 Dan’s DR Leak [YouTube]

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