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Survivor China’s Erik and Jaime are engaged, want a free wedding

Jaime Dugan and Erik Huffman, who both appeared on Survivor China, are engaged to be married, and are now begging their Facebook friends to help them win a free wedding.

Jaime may be best known for throwing an immunity challenge and later playing a fake immunity idol, while Erik is best known for being a virgin who had his boxer briefs blurred. Both were members of the jury, and they announced they were dating at the live reunion last December.

Assuming the show’s prize structure hasn’t increased and is accurate, Erik received $45,000 for his time and Jaime $15,000, and they each were paid $10,000 for appearing at the reunion. Still, they want fans’ help to win a free wedding in Charleston, South Carolina. (I guess they’re not aware that they could have a meaningful, memorable wedding with a $2,000 budget.) That’s according to a note Jaime sent to friends and “friends” via Facebook, and her plea seems to be working, with people posting messages in their favor. Here’s what Jaime’s note said:

Hey Yall!!

Well for those of you that haven’t heard the fun news…ERIK AND I ARE ENGAGED 🙂 We are so excited. I couldn’t be happier!

We need your help to win the wedding of our dreams. We both want to go home to good ol SC for our wedding. As most of you know, Charleston is my favorite place in the entire world. We had a few people mention the “Charleston Wedding Giveaway” to us and we decided to send in a tape. IT WAS HILARIOUS so I hope the judges will like it.

They pick the finalists in a few weeks. So keep your fingers crossed! Until then, we are asking friends to go on the site and post on the wall. “Vote for Jaime and Erik” or anything you would like. It would be a HUGE HELP!
Here is the site:

Thanks so much! And please pass it on to all of your friends. 🙂

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