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Designer tells model to not breathe, sit down on another subdued Project Runway episode

If this season of Project Runway proves anything, it’s that it desperately needs a shake-up and makeover, especially because Bravo and its producers seem intent on ruining it. Last night’s episode was a good example of what’s wrong: It’s boring even when it shouldn’t be.

There was high drama as a designer blamed a model and a judge for ruining his dress and left in tears–and it was all so subdued that the episode should have come with a warning label about not watching before operating heavy machinery. Seriously, it was the dullest breakdown ever, even though Keith kind of went crazy, at one point literally telling his model to be careful about breathing.

His poorly constructed and awkwardly fitting skirt wasn’t up to the challenge of, like, actually being worn, so Keith told his model to not sit down, but she did during hair and makeup, tearing a hole in the dress. After Keith got all pissed–although his expression never changed, nor did the tone of his monotone voice–he fixed it, and then told her, “Watch the breathing. Do not sit down, okay?”

Perhaps because she breathed, the judges weren’t impressed, but Keith fought back, and by that I mean he essentially whispered something. “It’s hard when you work so hard on the last challenge … there’s criticism and then there’s insults.” Later, in his exit interview, he cried and said, “The thing I’m most disappointed in right now is that I’m going home for presenting something that wasn’t me. It wasn’t my aesthetic.”

On the runway, Michael Kors verbally smacked him upside the head for not being able to take criticism in this profession, and later summed it up nicely. “How insane for a designer, when something deosn’t work, to say, ‘The model and the critic ruined my garment,'” he said. “I mean, the simple truth is, you’re in charge of your own destiny.”

‘Project Runway’ needs a fresh design [MSNBC]

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