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Iliza Shlesinger becomes the first female Last Comic Standing winner

Iliza Shlesinger won Last Comic Standing 6 last Thursday, becoming the first female in the show’s six-season history to win. She won $250,000 and a talent contract with NBC. She’ll start touring with the other finalists Aug. 29 through Jan. 31.

On Friday, she told reporters that her sex doesn’t affect her comedy. “I know that it registers with other people that I’m a female, but it has never registered with me in all the comedy I’ve done over the years. That’s never been an issue. I’ve never blamed it, I’d never use it as a crutch. I think to a lot of people it means a lot of different things. But for me, I’m just Iliza and I won. I’m a comedian that won. The female thing I can’t comment on because I just don’t feel that in my heart,” she said, according to Reality TV World.

Unlike the last two seasons, which featured four episodes where viewers voted, and three where the comics faced off and were eliminated by the live studio audience, this season had just three viewer vote episodes and two head-to-head episodes. And One of the three viewer vote episodes was the finale, so that meant the public voted just twice. The overall season was shorter by just one episode, meaning the show spent more time on auditions (seven episodes) than competition (five episodes).

Iliza was called out by her fellow comedians during both head-to-head episodes, and she told reporters that “100%” helped her win. “I would say through others’ doubt is where I grew stronger. Had those people not looked at me as a girl who had no material, or as a threat or a nothing — I got to showcase my stand-up for the world when no one else was doing it. I think the audience got a vested interest in me as the underdog early on. I think that was the key in me winning,” she said.

Iliza Shlesinger talks about her ‘Last Comic Standing’ victory [Reality TV World]

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