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Ollie freaks out after stupid Dan makes the “worst deal in Big Brother history”

The Big Brother 10 house has apparently eaten away all of Dan’s brain, because he’s quickly proven himself to be a dumbass. He basically alienated and pissed off everyone in the house, including his own alliance, following his moronic decision to let Ollie make nearly all of the HOH decisions for Dan. And after he changed his mind, things didn’t go so well, even though Dan’s now convinced he’s a genius.

All of this began on Sunday’s episode, after we watched the houseguests get slammed against that padded wall over and over again. They fell off one by one until just Dan and Ollie remained, and then they negotiated what Dan himself said Sunday was the “worst deal in Big Brother history”: letting Dan win HOH in exchange for Ollie being able to choose one nominee, one person to keep safe, and the veto replacement, should someone win the veto. Dan apparently did all of this so he could get the HOH bedroom and see a picture of his girlfriend, who gave him an annoying “taken” t-shirt that Dan wore for basically the entire episode Tuesday.

By Tuesday’s episode, Dan already reversed course and declared in the Diary Room that it’d be stupid “for me to sacrifice basically all the power of HOH this week to Ollie. He’s got to be crazy to think that. I worked pretty hard for that HOH, and for me to do that, it’d be one of the dumbest moves in Big Brother history.” Still, Dan had already nominated Memphis, his ally, which of course pissed off Memphis and baffled everyone. “I think Dan’s plan is crap. It’s just frustrating that he thinks it’s a good idea,” Memphis said. By the way, where does Memphis buy his nipple-level v-neck shirts? You could fly a Cessna through that neck opening.

As all of this unfolded, Dan clearly started to think of himself as some kind of a genius player, instead of an idiot who might get lucky. His Diary Room conversations–which he always shouts; why does he have to shout at us?–got increasingly cocky. After Memphis won the POV, he celebrated as if the plan all along was Memphis winning the POV, which of course was never, ever assured. The idiot then concocted a plan to deflect blame from himself when he went back on his word and nominated Michelle as a replacement nominee, even though he’s promised Ollie to protect her and nominate Keesha instead.

Dan told everyone else to say another person’s name when he polled them at the veto ceremony in order to create “fireworks.” But those fireworks were far up Dan’s ass and he was basically lighting the fuse, but was too stupid to realize it. When he told Renny who’s name to say, she asked him, “Why would you want to do that?” Renny, who I now want to win the game, called Dan on his utter bullshit and said, “I think it’s a cop-out. So, I see what you’re doing. You really don’t want to make the decision.”

At the veto ceremony, Dan’s megalomania reached new heights as he threatened everyone and said they had to name someone who should be a replacement nominee, and if they didn’t, they’d get nominated. But that was all completely pointless and baffling to the houseguests, as Dan ignored what the said and just went on to nominate Michelle after delivering a lecture about “gambling” with other people’s fates. Thus, he officially went back on his deal with Ollie but also did not nominate Ollie, which means Ollie is now a) in the house for another week, and b) pissed at Dan.

Tuesday’s episode showed a brief second of that during the closing montage, when Ollie destroyed something in the back yard, but the video below from the live feeds–which may or may not be covered on Thursday’s episode–shows how pissed he was. For example, he told Memphis, “suck my dick, little faggot”, and repeated the first part multiple times. Hope Ollie’s dad was watching that so he has more reasons to be proud of his son.

On the non-horrifying, homophobic language front, Ollie and Michelle now think there’s a conspiracy of some kind, and think Dan’s “a plant” because his girlfriend Monica “was at the cafeteria” or some such nonsense, and they also think Dan’s lying about things like being a coach. Clearly, a houseful of people whose collective brainpower couldn’t turn a hamster wheel.

Thursday is the double-eviction night. If there’s such a thing as karma, Dan will be walking his baffled ass out the door during the second elimination, but it’s perhaps more likely Ollie will leave, and it wouldn’t be a second too soon. Then the alliance can start tearing each other apart, and Renny can march her way to the win.

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