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Jessie’s interviews include a defense of his anti-Semitism and unintelligible, illogical answers

Jessie Godderz, the most recent Big Brother 10 evictee and the victim of viewers’ votes, has done a round of interviews with web sites and media outlets, and collectively they seem like some kind of punishment for the people who suffered through them–and for those who read them.

His answers are essentially nonsensical, and it’s clear that viewers understand what happened in the house more than Jessie does, and that the interviewers could have gotten more intelligent answers by asking questions and then pulling Chatty Cathy’s string. The transcripts read as if someone took a perfectly comprehensible transcript written in English, translated it to Mandarin, then to Swahili, then French, Spanish, Icelandic, and then back to English, and then deleted one-third of the sentences. Besides the incomprehensible parts, they’re full of non-sequiturs, answers that ignore the question, and poor diction (someone get this kid a dictionary).

By far the most damning answer came when he was asked about his comments about Jews and gays, in which he said that gay people “run the city–them and Jews. It’s the truth. No, it’s the truth, they do. They’re the ones with all the money.” In his interview with Entertainment Weekly, he essentially defends those comments, or does whatever the hell you call this:

“Obviously the most successful people … I don’t know in the sense what I said … but if you ask anybody who is successful … it’s because they are savvy, they know what direction to go in, they don’t have obstacles to face like everybody else does. They’re so caught up in their goals, they don’t let anything else get in their path. That why they are so successful. Obviously that’s what I meant. I work for them, I see them, I talk to them about it. My manager is Jewish, he is successful.”

I think I’d be more pissed at him if I had any clue what he was saying there. Say what you will about moron, hateful Big Brother 8 houseguest Amber, but at least her anti-Semitism was comprehensible.

Entertainment Weekly’s Lynette Rice prefaces her whole interview with Jessie by saying “we ran into a slight problem while transcribing his comments: most of them were unintelligible and made absolutely no sense,” and that’s basically what happened in other interviews, too.

In Jessie’s interview with Reality BBQ, he gives a perfect example of his (utter lack of) logic by describing his game: “I had a perfect game plan, and it worked perfectly. I wasn’t the one that was supposed to go out of the game, again, it was something that was out of my hands, and that’s why I got voted out, not because of my actions inside the house with the people that are inside the house.” Jessie also tells Reality BBQ he’s not gay, and also defends the nude modeling photos and defends them, gets mad that they were released, and kind of denies that he’s naked in them, I think.

In his interview with Midseason Replacements, Jessie insists that his lack of logic makes perfect sense, and implies if you don’t get it, you’re the idiot. “I don’t think the friends and family of everybody else would call in just to help me out, if that makes sense to you. It makes perfectly logical sense to me,” he said.

He also accuses Renny of being medicated (“Initially she didn’t have her medication the first week. She swore on the bible supposedly, I dont know if that happened, but everybody told me so”), and demonstrates a complete lack of self-awareness as he has no idea that he’s being made fun of. Ed Hill of MSR– who told me, “I’ve never been so confused in my life as those ten minutes with him”–mocked Jessie’s confusion between “devious” and “deviant,” and asked him, “You even said that Libra was the ‘most deviant person in the house.’ What’s the freakiest thing you’ve ever seen her do?” Jessie babbled on about some time when Libra:

“came out of the shower with Steven, when he was still in the house … I don’t know if they caught that on tape. I’m sure they did, but I’m sure they didn’t air it because of … how grotesque it was. Point being, I’m not even going to bring that up. Steven knows what happened. Steven deep down knows what really happened. Whether or not Libra wants to face the music or not, different story.”

Okay, dumbasshole, you totally did bring it up, and also, what? Did the entire feed-watching community miss some interaction between Libra and Steven, or is Jessie just delusional? Whatever he is, he’s pure entertainment. While he’s now off TV, his appearance on House Calls is a must-watch and stands as a 45-minute monument to his idiocy. Host Gretchen, guest Dick Donato, and most callers all try to challenge Jessie on his lunatic logic, but it’s clear he never will–and just can’t–get it.

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