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Kara DioGuardi was a judge on The One and Paula Abdul’s roommate

Kara DioGuardi, the new and fourth judge on American Idol 8, previously appeared on a musical competition reality show as a judge, and her time on that show provides some insight about what kind of judge she’ll be.

Pretty much no one remembered this, probably because she judged The One, the forgettable ABC musical competition notable only for being rapidly cancelled after getting record-low ratings. But in a clip from one of those episodes unearthed by Newsday’s Verne Gay, Kara proves that she may just outshine Simon Cowell. In just a few minutes, she yells at people and says she’s “pissed,” and then tells women that there can be “no more hoochie mama” and says she wants “less breasts.” (Other clips compiled by MJ show how she can be encouraging, too.)

Here’s the clip, and notice that the YouTube clip carries the bug from CBC, not ABC, meaning the person who recorded it was watching in Canada–because certainly no one in the U.S. was watching.

Meanwhile, while that should make the other judges a bit worried and hopefully less complacent than they’ve been in the past, Paula Abdul is learning how to be on-message about the addition of a new judge. “I’ve been waiting for this. I really have and people will love her. She’s great!” Paula told People Monday night, a significant change of tone from her “concerned” comments. And as it turns out, Kara and Paula were roommates, Paula told Ryan Seacrest.

Simon Cowell also expressed his enthusiasm and was a bit more honest about how dull they’ve become, telling reporters, “It’s like, you know, having dinner with three people for seven years, and getting quite bored of each other. So it’s having a fourth person, new opinion, I think it’s gonna be interesting.” He said that as the judges appeared in front of the media before auditions in New York yesterday, and had this great exchange, according to the AP:

“I know Kara, and she speaks her mind — so she will be speaking her mind,” Abdul said of DioGuardi’s judging technique.

“That’s a nice way of saying she’s bitchy,” Cowell sniped, eliciting a “Whooooooooah!” from Jackson.

“Then what are you if I’m bitchy?” DioGuardi said.

“Sincere,” Cowell responded.

“I’m sincere too,” she said.

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