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ABC renews Wipeout for a second season

The ridiculously fun summer hit series Wipeout will return to ABC, as the network has unsurprisingly renewed it for a second season. It’s unsurprising considering the series is the second-most popular show in the country. Four episodes of the show remain.

Variety reports that the show has averaged 10.2 million viewers this summer–well over what, say, Big Brother and even So You Think You Can Dance are drawing. Thus, ABC “[executives] have been keen on setting up ‘Wipeout’ as a summer franchise, much in the same vein as CBS’ ‘Big Brother,’ Fox’s ‘So You Think You Can Dance’ and NBC’s ‘America’s Got Talent.'”

Tuesday night’s recap episode, framed as a fake awards show, was even better because it spent so little time on the people and even more time on watching them bounce off things. Usually I define reality shows based upon how much time they spend getting to know contestants; Price is Right doesn’t count because it’s about the games, not the people, and similarly, Wipeout is just about watching bodies–it doesn’t matter whose–splashing into water after being slammed into padded surfaces or big rubber balls. But I don’t care; it’s endlessly entertaining, at least for now.

ABC renews ‘Wipeout’ [Variety]

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