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Lorenzo Lamas approves of Matt Grant; Mikalah Gordon defends Sean Young’s sanity

Lorenzo Lamas has a lot to say about his daughter’s experience on The Bachelor 12 and subsequent engagement to Matt Grant. So much that he can fit it into 12 words: “Yeah, you know,
they’re together, and they love each other. They haven’t set a date,” he said today while discussing his participation in CMT’s second season of hit Gone Country.

Asked if he approves of Matt, who recently moved out of Shayne’s house, Lorenzo said, “I do.” He also said that he’s now asked about his daughter’s reality show experience more than anything else except the show he’s known for. “Next to ‘Is Renegade ever coming back?’, that’s probably the next question I get asked the most these days,” he said.

While Lorenzo did not have much to say, American Idol 4 finalist Mikalah Gordon, who’s also on Gone Country 2, was also essentially silent–until she went on several rants, including one defending Sean Young’s sanity. Mikalah wasn’t asked a single question by the group of TV critics, nor did she jump in to contribute to any of the discussions. At the end, CMT exec Bob Kusbit said, “I see a sign there that says time’s up, but, Mikalah, you’ve come all this way, how does this compare to competing Gone Country versus American Idol”?

Her answer: “Guys, I know you’re intimidated to talk to me because I have this low-cut dress on. It’s fine. It’s totally cool.” After the (slightly uncomfortable) laughter stopped, she kept going, babbling about Idol, ethnicity, and nervousness, a speech that ended with this brilliant sentence that sounds great out of context: “I have faith in myself, and I just wanted to come and sing and do it genuinely and do it with trust in myself this time, and it was a great experience, and I love prison, you know.” (The context: The cast performed at a prison; Mikalah added, “Simon didn’t want to take me to prom, but I sure could have found a date in that jail.”)

Mikalah also went on a rambling speech about Sean Young’s sanity, or lack thereof. Earlier, Sean Young said that she “feel[s] really good” but talked about her change of heart after she went to rehab earlier this year, and later even said she didn’t want to talk to the people she was presently talking to about the reality show she’s on:

“I don’t pursue work real aggressively anymore. I don’t really want to. I guess in January this last year, when I got drunk at the DGA, I guess I finally just went, you know, I’ve had enough. I think it was, like, lot of years of feeling social anxiety about some of the stuff I went through in my career that I always felt was sort of unfair. But my social anxiety has kind of turned into social hostility. It’s like I just don’t want to deal with it anymore. … I thought this morning, I woke up and I thought, God, I’ve been in show business 29 years, and I didn’t really want to get up and talk to the press and I just didn’t feel like doing it. And then, I went, well, I’ll do it for Chad. I’ll do it for John [Rich]. I’ll do it for the show and everything, and I know how to do it. But my interest — it’s waned a lot because I just feel like I don’t get the attention I deserve in terms of getting better parts, and I’m much more interested in raising my kids. Do you know, I read a lot. … And so that’s kind of where I’m at. I’m feeling pretty happy and not stressed out about trying to be ambitious.”

That alone should have given us all we needed to know, but Mikalah, having opened her mouth at the end of the session, couldn’t close it, and said then, “I got to know Sean, and I don’t know really what her past was, but I think we’re all a little bit crazy, and I think that psychologists would be out of business if we weren’t. Please, give me the drugs. No, I’m just kidding. Sean was really good to me, and I learned a lot from Sean, and I think you’re a really good woman so…”

Sean said thanks, and Mikalah said, “Like Sean — crazy bird.” It’ll be hard to top the insanity of the first season, but with these two alone, it seems very likely.

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