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Ollie and April have (unprotected) sex

Two Big Brother 10 houseguests have joined previous inhabitants of the house by having sex at least twice, and one of those times appear to be having unprotected sex.

Ollie and April, who have been flirting heavily, first consummated their relationship not in a bed, but on a seating area. Since they’re in a public place in the house, the lights are on, so there’s extremely clear footage, although just of bodies moving rapidly under a blanket.

At one point, it seems apparent that they’re having unprotected sex. Around the 3:40 mark, April says, “Oh God. … You have to pull out,” and Ollie replies, “Yeah, yeah, yeah.” Here’s a clip of some of the heavier content; audio is probably NSFW, unless you work in a brothel:

Earlier today, April and Ollie had sex again, but this time in a bed with the lights off, so it’s filmed with night vision. Once again, the audio is the most extreme part, but it’s particularly good, such as when April says, “Come on me.” Ollie replies, “You want me to?”

BB10 April and Ollie under the covers Pt2 and BB10 – Ollie and April have sex under covers – 7.23 [YouTube]

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