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Jackie Warner blames “negative editing” after apparently losing a sponsor over comments

A week before her new workout DVD comes out, Jackie Warner’s increasingly annoying behavior on Work Out has apparently cost her a sponsor. But she has placed the blame for criticism she’s received on Bravo and the editing of the show, which she says is not “a reflection of what I or SkySport represents.”

Late in last week’s episode, Jackie fired trainer Brian Peeler. She did that because he demanded to talk to her about comments she and her new office manager, Lisa, made about Brian’s client’s fake breasts. As it turned out, his client, Jamie Eason, is a breast cancer survivor who had implants following treatment, and her boyfriend overheard the two women’s remarks.

The scene was sketchy, because although there was a camera in the office with them, we only heard about it second-hand from Jackie and Lisa, who took the blame and apologized. By the way, is it just me or does Lisa, Jackie’s new office manager, seem like the biggest plant in the history of reality television? Even on a show that seems rather staged at times, she comes across as uber-fake. We literally know nothing about her except that she seems to exist to stir up trouble at every possible opportunity. If she’s a real person doing a real job, she’s coming across as little more than a terrible human being.

Lisa redeems herself significantly on her Bravo blog, however, and also confirms that Jackie did, in fact, say something about Jamie. “Her boyfriend was totally cool and understood, but wanted an apology from Jackie and not on behalf of her, as he overheard her making comments as well,” she wrote. Lisa also writes, “I have suffered the repercussions of my actions and if the blame wants to be placed on me, then so be it. The best thing about the situation is that I got ‘love’ back from Jamie and Peeler. As manager of the gym and medical facility, I make mistakes — BIG OL’ BURLY ones! … Yes, it was immature. Yes, yes, yes. Guilty as charged! So I’m totally prepared for the butt-whipping, nasty words and hate mail. Bring it on, as I deserve it.”

Jackie, however, has decided to take the now-expected line of defense: blame the editing. First, though, On her blog, she says, “Please remember that this is a show and that much of the beautiful and inspiring work we did was left on the cutting room floor.” She spends most of the post complaining about Peeler, and denies making comments, even though Lisa said she did. “I did not make a derogatory remark about Brian Peeler’s client on camera or off-camera. The only reason he tried to bring it up to me on camera is to villanize me and set me up for something I didn’t do,” Jackie wrote.

A longer version of that blog post appears as a letter on L.A. Rag Mag, and it includes two additional sentences that didn’t make the cut on for some reason. They are the most damning part of her statement:

“…The producers decided (regrettably) to create through editing a very different and what I think a very negative show.

This season is not in any way a reflection of what I or SkySport represents. I have spent a great part of my life trying to heal and am just as floored as you, the viewers, by the negative editing….

All of this has apparently led Gatorade, which owns Propel Fitness Water, to cancel its sponsorship. In a letter to people who complain to them about Jackie’s comments, also reprinted by L.A. Rag Mag, the company says, in part,

“…We have notified Bravo we no longer wish to be associated with The Workout [sic] and will be pulling our commercials. Furthermore, we will not renew our sponsorship of this program in subsequent seasons. Please note, because this season’s episodes, and past seasons’ episodes, have already been filmed and edited, moving forward you may still continue to see Propel used in the show.

We take very seriously the concerns you have shared, and we understand why there is discomfort for our consumers with an association of Propel and The Workout, given the unfortunate events that unfolded during this week’s episode. We hope our immediate actions send a clear message to the community that we greatly value what you have to say, agree with your sentiments, and appreciate you taking the time to share your concerns with us.”

If that’s genuine, they’re obviously concerned enough to know exactly what show they’re no longer advertising on.

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