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Heidi and Spencer are “entertainers,” she says, and “improv TV personalities,” he says

What’s the secret to Hills villains Heidi and Spencer’s success? Apparently, it’s that they know how to play along and play the game.

“Obviously we’re entertainers. We are trying to entertain in every aspect of our lives. Whether it’s on the show or in the tabloids,” Heidi told the Los Angeles Times, which examines the couple’s enduring–popularity? infamy?–and finds that “while they may not be the most famous, they are definitely the most fame-ish. Creatures of the game in every way, they have mastered the new realities of celebrity culture.”

To prove that point, Spencer said, “Anybody who wants to promote our brand, negative or positive, give me a call.” He says everything he does is calculated. For example, prior to season two, “I saw a clip of the show, and everyone was so nice,” he said, so he decided to “cause drama.” The one thing that he insists is real is his relationship with Heidi. “I was — and am — so in love with Heidi, and that stuff stops mattering. Our real world is right here,” he said.

For a guy whose biggest talent seems to be giving advice that includes suggesting men gauge interest in anal sex without asking (“stick your pinkie in there, and then another finger, and then another, and she responds happily, then it’s cool”), Spencer actually seems kind of astute. Even that anal sex column was probably designed to get more attention–and it worked!

As another likely attempt at attention, he says their jobs are more difficult than those of actual actors. “No celebrity does anything, really. Unless you’re a famous athlete who actually physically does something, like, how much work is reading lines from a script? We’re improv TV personalities. That’s way harder,” he said.

His goading of the press indicates that he gets the celebrity media machine that feeds off of him: “Every hour, every different magazine, every blog texts, like, ‘We heard this, we heard this.’ Most of the time, people are just making things up, trying to get you to give a source quote. Or give one line just so they can build something. On every site, in every magazine, they need content. It’s the most competitive industry in the world, I would say, the pop culture media game,” he said.

As the ultimate proof of how Spencer and Heidi think the whole thing is a game, TMZ demon Harvey Levin said that while his crap site has “done story after story poking fun at them, and in some cases just trashing them for their ridiculously staged conduct,” Heidi and Spencer saw him recently, “and they hugged me!”

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