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Rejects Zach and Thing 2 win Flavor of Love 3 and Paradise Hotel 2

Two people previously rejected from their respective reality shows each won the show last night. Zach, who was kicked off of the first Paradise Hotel twice, won the second season, and Thing 2, who was eliminated earlier this season from Flavor of Love 3, won Flavor Flav’s affections.

On VH1, Flavor of Love 3 concluded Flavor Flav’s search for love in Europe, apparently to give the rest of the world one final reason to hate us. has a detailed account of the finale, which surprisingly made sense even though I’ve missed the whole season.

Basically, Flavor Flav brought back Thing 2 to France, and then after giving her time to have conflict with Sinceer over Sinceer’s previous backstabbing, kicked Sinceer out the next morning, leaving Black and Thing 2 as the final two. He chose Thing 2, aka Tresha and so named because she’s a twin. Next week they’ll all reunite and Flavor will ask someone–probably Thing 2–to marry him. Or maybe it’ll be New York.

On Fox Reality and MyNetworkTV’s Paradise Hotel 2, seven previously eliminated guests voted for Zach and Stephanie to win by a vote of 3 to 4. Oddly, no one knew what they’d win until after they won, although host Amanda Byram kept calling it “the ultimate prize.” In one final twist–although calling the show’s rule changes “twists” doesn’t do them justice; it’s more like “inexplicably random turn we just came up with”–Amanda said that only one of them would win that prize, and rejected couple Ryan and Tidisha had to select that person.

They picked Zach, and his prize was $200,000, $300,000 less than the first season’s prize, and thus seemed more like “the most cash our a fledgling broadcast network and small cable network could come up with.” Like the first season, Zach was given the option of keeping the cash or sharing it with one or two other people. He chose to split it with Stephanie and Tidisha, giving TD $20,000, and Stephanie $90,000, effectively splitting the remainder with her. (Hysterically, some vandal characterized this on Wikipedia as “making her the highest-priced prostitute in historical record.”)

And thus ended the assembly of the one of the stupidest groups of people to ever appear on television, and a tragically lame comeback for a cult favorite.

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