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MTV spins off Making the Band; plans reality version of Juno, Apprentice clone with 50 Cent

In a story about several new MTV series, network executive Tony DiSanto told The Hollywood Reporter that their programming strategy’s “main goal is to always pull the rug out. If something is working great, we don’t want to do it again, we want to do something new. Our viewers expect us to keep evolving, genre-busting and taking chances.” He also told Variety, “Our audience expects us to constantly reinvent and evolve. That’s the challenge at MTV, but also the fun part.”

You’d think that’d mean MTV was cancelling The Real World immediately, but no, they’re forging ahead with more of that crap, launching yet another season of Making the Band, and announcing new shows that sound a lot like old shows or shows on other networks, and thus doesn’t really seem committed to “taking chances” or “do[ing] something new.”

The network has ordered another Making the Band–the series that’s already had four different iterations, each with multiple seasons. The new show, Making the Rock Band, will again star P Diddy. The twist, as the title implies, is that he’ll be searching for a rock group, not a hip-hop group. That’s in addition to the already-announced third season of MTB4.

Teen Dream will be “the search for America’s next female superstar with a twist: Their moms will be their managers/mentors and ultimately might be their downfall in the competition,” The Hollywood Reporter says.

50 Cent will get his own Apprentice clone to “search for the nation’s next street-smart business mogul,” in a show that “will center on 16 contestants as they live together and compete in challenges that relate to street savvy and business smarts,” according to Variety. There’s also Busted, “a half-hour that chronicles kids that break the law,” and a reality version of HBO’s Entourage called Buzzin’ that follows musician Shwayze.

And MTV also plans–but has “not yet ordered to series,” Variety says–two other shows, including 16 and Pregnant, which follows “real-life Junos,” and Hollarado, about skateboarder William Spencer. Separately, Variety reports that the network “will follow the hip-hop star [T.I.] as he performs more than 1,000 of community service before beginning to serve his one-year prison sentence next spring.” The show will debut early next year, and has “already chronicled T.I.’s release from house arrest, and shooting will start in earnest this summer, leading up to his return to jail in early 2009.”

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