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Kristi Yamaguchi wins Dancing with the Stars 6

Dancing with the Stars has its second female winner in six seasons, as Kristi Yamaguchi and her partner Mark Ballas won the competition. She beat Jason Taylor, as Christián de la Fuente was eliminated first.

In the final dances, Kristi received a perfect 30, giving her perfect finale scores, and leaving her as the highest-scoring competitor in the history of the show. Jason Taylor also received his first perfect score for his final dance, although it was probably just a parting gift from the judges.

Christián’s elimination was the only substantive thing that happened for 1.5 hours, which was filled with appearances–and dances!–by all of the eliminated contestants, plus performances by Usher. Perhaps the most unexpected moment came from an articulate and fascinating monologue from Adam Carolla, of all people. After pretending not to “pimp” his and Julianne’s projects, he launched into a speech that at first seemed like it was going to be offensive, causing Julianne to roll her eyes before he took it in an unexpected direction. It’s too good to just quote, so here’s the whole thing:

“This is why the terrorists hate us. And it’s not the glitter and it’s not the pomp and circumstance. We’ve got black and white, we’ve got Hispanic and Asian, we got gay, straight, and Guttenberg, all working together for one common goal: to get the mirror ball. And the mirror ball doesn’t care what color you are, and it doesn’t care how rich your parents are, and it doesn’t care what God you pray to. It’s an even wooden floor, and may the best man or woman win. And I say God bless Dancing with the Stars, and God bless the USA.”

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