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Matt denies report of post-Big Brother 9 orgy

Perhaps because there was absolutely nothing else to talk about once this boring season of Big Brother finally reached its miserable conclusion last week, rumors started circulating online that some of the houseguests had an orgy at a hotel last Monday. However, at least one houseguest has publicly denied these unsourced reports.

The story seems to have originated at the wrap party, and was then shared online. It really gained traction once season six and seven’s Janelle, who really needs to find something better to do with her time, posted a message Thursday on Jokers that said, in part:

“This is what was told to me by someone apparentley involved in the orgy. Ok I guess Monday night Natalie and her sister participated in a group orgy involving several men at the hilton hotel. There were two men involved in this from bb9 but I’d rather not say who. This does not surprise me in the least because I was with this entire group of people, right until they dropped me off at my hotel! Well, what do you expect from strippers? I guess they filmed it too! Wow how nice.”

Friday, Reality BBQ posted that the orgy was “confirmed by multiple past HG and HG from BB9 – Natalie, her sister, a male HG, his best friend, Adam and his brother engaged in an orgy which was videotaped at the Hilton on April 28th. In the video Natalie puts a Corona bottle… you know.”

But those reports were denied by Matt, who demonstrated that his speech is much more lyrical than his writing when he posted on his MySpace blog:

“as i sit here reading this nonsense on 50 million websites about an alleged orgy at the Hilton hotel i just LAUGH!!! who starts this type of shit? thats crazy no such incident took place.. there was no group sex nor was there an incident with a corona bottle haha…. that shit would be funny if it were true though… i may have been americas playa but jeeeeeez cmon now… if anyone has this alleged video SHOW ME!!

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