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Trace Adkins says Trump “sent the wrong message to young people in America”

The live version of “You’re Gonna Miss This” that Trace Adkins performed on the finale of The Celebrity Apprentice is, as of tonight, the eighth-most popular song on iTunes. That’s significant because downloads from “between March 27 and April 10, 2008 [will] support the Food Allergy & Anaphylaxis Network,” according to its web site.

Meanwhile, Trace appeared on the radio today, and, for the first time I’ve seen since the finale, challenged Donald Trump’s decision to “hire” Piers Morgan instead of him. “With all due respect to Mr. Trump, you know, I think the decision he made sent the wrong message to young people in America. I mean, you know, I think the message he sent was just make the most money; it doesn’t really matter how you go about it or how you conduct yourself or who you stomp on in the process, just as long as you come out on top, you know, as far as your windfall profits, and I just, I still feel that that was the wrong decision,” Trace told Glenn Beck.

Beck admitted having not watched the actual show so instead focused mostly on Donald Trump’s hair, which Trace admitted he was fascinated by. “[Trump] saw that I was staring at his hair. So he pulled on it to show me that it was real,” he said. “I mean, it is a marvel. You just stand there and you look at it and you try to — you know, you try to see, you know, where it’s pinned on or whatever and you just, you can’t find it, you know. And I looked. … It’s one of those mysteries that we’ll just never know the truth about it, I’m afraid, you know? And I’ve looked closely. I couldn’t figure it out, either.”

Trace also demonstrated his dry, amusing wit; when the show had audio problems, Trace said, “This is professional radio right here. … Maybe when Rush gets through with that board he is using now, you guys can borrow it.”

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