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Holly wins Make Me a Supermodel; runner-up Ronnie won’t move to New York to model

Holly Kiser won Make Me a Supermodel last night, receiving the largest percentage of an unspecified number of viewer votes. She defeated Ronnie Kroell, who was the runner-up, Ben DiChiara, the second runner-up, and Perry Ullmann, who apparently received the fewest number of votes; that was the impression he had, but that wasn’t explicitly clear.

Holly told OK! Magazine that she’ll use the $100,000 cash prize not for her career, but to help the people who made her career possible. “Really, I just want to pay back my parents. My parents have really supported me throughout and they really have paid for everything whether it be an outfit for a casting or my rent. I really want to pay off their credit card bills,” she said.

Her dad, Joe Kiser, doesn’t want her to do that. “We could use it, but it’s her money. She earned it,” he told the Kingsport Times-News. He also said that modeling is “a dream she’s had since she was small. She tried going to college, but college was just not her dream, so she took a chance and went to Miami to try modeling.”

Meanwhile, Ronnie, half of the “bromance” that Bravo was so over-excited about that they had t-shirts made (Bravo’s somewhat awkward over-eagerness to prove its own coolness is getting increasingly irritating, but since they keep making good shows, I forgive them) says that he “[has] a lot of thinking to do” about his next steps, although he “[a]bsolutely” wants to keep modeling, as he told After Elton.

“I’ve pursued it this far and it’s an incredible industry that provides so many different opportunities for me. I wouldn’t give it up for anything. I love the spontaneity of it. Initially, I was going to jump right into moving to New York, but I need to think about that, because I think my look is definitely better suited to catalog and maybe a little editorial, so Miami is a great place for that. L.A, and Chicago have a great catalog industry as well. There’s a lot of money to be made, and a lot of experience to be gained there,” he said.

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