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Shannon Elizabeth, Derek Hough dodge relationship questions but should “admit it,” Cheryl Burke says

Derek Hough and Shannon Elizabeth were confronted on Monday’s Dancing with the Stars 6 about their recently rumored relationship.

Late last week, the couple was photographed making out on the beach, which Extra said “was allegedly taken just after ‘Dancing’ cameras left the scene.” That segment was featured on the performance show last night; after they used hula hoops to work on Shannon’s hips, Derek unnecessarily took off his shirt and they spent some time falling onto each other in the sand and giggling.

Whether or not all of this is an indication of a real romance or something else entirely isn’t clear, unless you believe Cheryl Burke, who basically gave them up. “They should just admit it,” she told Entertainment Tonight, according to OK!.

They didn’t just admit it, though, when given the opportunity on the performance show. Instead of wasting time with her usual nonsensical non-sequiturs, co-host Samantha Harris first asked Shannon Elizabeth about a comment Shannon made during the clip package about missing Derek if she was voted off the show. This made no sense to Samantha, because they could still see each other if the show ended, so upon receiving a vague answer from Shannon, Samantha went from 0 to 60: “Are you saying that this is just, then, a showmance?” Shannon looked shocked–perhaps just that Samantha asked a question that made sense–and said, “This is just, we’re working on our dances and learning.”

Samantha refused to give up, and targeted Derek instead. “You guys have become very close. How close have you become?” she asked Derek. He said, “No, you know what? We’re really serious about this competition. We went to the beach and we got into character. What can I say?” With that, her grilling ended, and Tom Bergeron said, “This weekend, by the way, Samantha will be grilling inmates at Gitmo.” I’m not sure that Samantha’s interrogation techniques are what our country really needs, but any plan that sends Samantha Harris far away from that soundstage works for me.

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