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Adam hedges on charity donation; James says he’s bisexual, knew gay porn would come out

Big Brother 9his promise to give $100,000 to the organization that fired him, and fellow contestant James says he concealed the fact that he was bisexual because of homophobia, even though he knew his videos would come out.

First, Adam’s former boss told the New York Post that they’ll take the money but want an apology first. “At this point, it is important to me that Adam makes a public apology about his comments and clears my name as well as the name of the foundation,” Olaf Hampel said. “It would be awesome if Adam is keeping his official promise and will donate the mentioned $100,000 since we can do some great things with the funds.”

In a statement released to the paper, Adam said, “When I talked about making a donation on the ‘Big Brother 9’ finale … I was unaware of any controversy about my prior remarks or that my job was in jeopardy.” That makes it sound like he’s not going to give them money because they disassociated themselves from him.

Adam also told Reality TV World that his comments were “a heat of the moment thing. It was not my intention whatsoever to use that word out of context.” So there’s an okay context in which to call kids “retards”? Later, he said, “I mean it had to be a Freudian slip because that word’s usually never in my vocabulary — especially with the job I was doing, and ultimate, it did cost me my position.”

He also hedges about the $100,000 he pledged to the organization, at first confirming he’ll still give them the money, and then saying, “Eventually I would like to sit down with the families in the foundation and see what can go about. It’s a huge tax break, so I have to figure out what I feel. Is it worth it for me to give up the money? Of course I’m going to give some of the money to charity. Of course I’m going to follow through with my word. The matter of what I’m going to do with that money now, I still have to figure those things out.” Thanks for clearling that up, moron.

Meanwhile, “Crazy” James Zinkand said in an interview that he’s bisexual and knew his gay porn would come out. “The porn is what I’ve done in the past. … I openly said I was bisexual, and that, something that I have done, I had sex with dudes. It doesn’t blow my mind, it shouldn’t blow your mind, you know? I just did it on tape, you know. And I did it in an environment that was conductive where I didn’t have to worry about a lot of things going wrong,” he told CBS 2.

Asked if he knew it would be released while he was on the show, he said, “Absolutely. I was okay with it, I was comfortable with it, I was very open with it, but I didn’t want to bring it out on the show because there a lot of people that are homophobic. Even with the bisexual thing, people were like, ooh!”

The (awful, terrible, how the hell did he get a job on TV?) interviewer acts surprised because James “never made a play for Joshuah” (kind of an insult to James’ taste in partners, wouldn’t you say?) He also tells James his nickname is “Big Brother 9.5,” and James laughs and says, “at least it’s a big one, right?”

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