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Crazy James gets evicted from Big Brother again

The most surprising thing about Big Brother 8 to me is that something like 6 million people are still watching. For what? The game just isn’t that interesting any more, with twists and turns appearing to be more of a function of the editing than game play. And instead of giving us new things to hate on, the case is just recycling the same old personality traits. Even an update from the jury house only served as a reminder that we haven’t really lost much.

Anyway, on last night’s live eviction show, James was evicted for the second time, and he professed to be excited about this. “I’ve been wanting to leave since I got back in the house,” he told Julie Chen. “You just learn to hate these people.” No argument there, James. When he arrived in her studio, Julie said, “It’s deja vu all over again,” and then James said, “but this time it’s for real, hopefully.”

Most of the people now left in the house, who we left competing for HOH (the results are in), are the bug-eyed “Team Christ.” Seriously, why do all of them have such dramatic, protruding eyes? Adam is the most pronounced, but Natalie, Ryan, and Sheila also do. Perhaps that’s the Lord inside them.

At one point, Natalie told Ryan, “It’s so funny how everything has worked out. Miracles only happen through Jesus and God.” You know, if God did have time to spend worrying about bikini-wearing morons on stupid reality shows, I’d have to think that in his infinite wisdom, he’d inject his reality show spokespeople with some intelligence. That’d be miraculous.

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