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Previous Hell’s Kitchen winners will guest on season four; Ramsay doesn’t like to swear

Hell’s Kitchen‘s three winners will appear on the fourth season as guest judges of some kind, Gordon Ramsay told Access Hollywood.

In the he praises Michael, Heather, and Rock (“it’s nice to see the way they’ve matured, not just in cooking, but in stature and that level of confidence”) he also doesn’t seem to really know what’s happening with them. Access Hollywood asked if the three winners “all still work in the restaurants you placed them in,” and Ramsay said, “Yeah, they’re still there and more importantly, they spend time in and out of my restaurants as well.”

Not quite. For one, first-season winner Michael Wray didn’t even take the prize, and Heather left her job. Rock started his year-long job last Sept.

Anyway, while promoting the show elsewhere, Ramsay insisted he doesn’t like swearing, even though that’s basically his entire shtick and he does little else during the show. During a conference call with reporters, MeeVee’s Aaron Weber asked Ramsay to swear at him, and Ramsay got defensive:

“You’re an articulated journalist, right, with integrity? I’m here to discuss season four, I’m not here for… I don’t like cursing. That may sound slightly bizarre, but trust me, it’s not my fault entirely. It’s the industry language and any chef would be a hypocrite if they didn’t admit to swearing in the kitchen. It’s something I’m not proud of. Every time, I get reminded of that by my mother. More importantly, I have four young children. My wife is a schoolteacher. I can switch it off. I have an outside life. I’m not forecasting for my first heart attack at the age of 41 and secondly, I’m not going anywhere near a divorce. Trust me: I don’t enjoy cursing and I really mean that.”

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