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Matty goes bye-bye on Big Brother

Two soulmates were broken up last night after James broke his promise and both nominated and later evicted Matt from the Big Brother 9 house. Now Natalie has no one to mistreat her.

First, on Tuesday’s episode, which I actually forgot to watch, James changed his mind after promising Natalie that he wouldn’t nominate Matt. He used the veto on his own nomination, saving Sheila and nominating Matt. “He’s been lying to me, so screw him,” James said after realizing that Matt voted for the mystery houseguest, not James.

This greatly upset Natalie, who’s in love with Matty even though he treats her like shit (although he’s been slightly nicer to her this week since she held on during the HOH competition and made the deal with James to save her man). In the Diary Room, she said, “You are so full of crap, James, that’s why your eyes are dark brown. You are not even a man of God; God will avenge me and he will take you down.” Especially when she says things like that, Natalie looks so dumb and naive and clueless that it’s hard to even laugh at her.

Matt did his best to work everyone, crying to James and even seeming somewhat repentant. “You reap what you sow, I guess,” he said. But then Adam and his eyes convinced Matt to fight back, and he managed to swing Sheila to his side. The other women, though, weren’t buying his lame attempts at winning votes; he claimed he’d never been alone on his birthday before, and didn’t want to go to the jury house by himself. Chelsia said, “I realized that this man is truly pathetic. It was very hard for me not to just burst out laughing at him, seeing him break down like this.”

During the live show, the houseguests voted, and there was a tie, which James broke by evicting Matt. “I’m wrongfully accused,” Matt told Julie Chen, and repeated his earlier arguments that Ryan had betrayed James more than he had. That may actually be true, but Ryan is far less annoying to watch on television, so this was a positive development as far as I’m concerned.

Natalie still remains tragically deluded, though, telling Matt in the goodbye video, “I still think you might be my soulmate, whether you like to believe it or not. … Take care, love you.”

Meanwhile, the filler segment caught us up on Dick and Daniele, because the producers are still infatuated with their own reconciliation storyline from last season. We learned that splitting the prize money is apparently okay. “This is my new car that my dad bought me,” Daniele said after showing us pictures from their trip to Europe. Dick claimed he’s now so famous he feels like a rock star, but he’s still returning to the show next week to give the houseguests a wake up call or some such nonsense–and because real superstars have time to appear on Big Brother.

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