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Big Brother 9 splits its couples, evicts just one, and will bring another person back

CBS has apparently decided to stick with Big Brother 9 and keep the show going as the couples have been split into singles, and one evicted person will return to the house next week. With that addition, assuming the show continues to evict one person per week, it will last for another eight or nine weeks, although there could be double-eviction weeks.

The twist and presumed extension of the show is surprising, considering the show has had rather anemic ratings, although ratings increased last week. Still, it’s getting its ass kicked by American Idol on Tuesdays and Wednesdays, and by other shows on Sundays.

In the house, the stupidity continued. Matt, who spent this week’s earlier episodes playing Natalie (who’s likes him the more he tells her he doesn’t like her), spent tonight playing both nominated couples. “I’m gonna like a hero because, if the votes go 1 to 1, split decision, both couples are gonna think that one vote is from me,” he said.

But the dumbass didn’t realize that if the vote went 2:0, one couple would feel betrayed–never mind that James quickly figured out that he’d lied to both couples, meaning Matt isn’t exactly trustworthy. He confronted Matt in front of Adam and Ryan. “Two people, right now, believe you’re voting for them, James said. “You’re playing both couples.” Matt said, “That’s Big Brother, buddy. Is that not?”

The vote did come out 2 to 0, and Allison and Ryan were evicted. But just before that, Julie Chen told us, “just as one of these couples is evicted and attempts to leave the house, they’ll discover the front door is locked. The siren will sound and the houseguests will know they are to return to the living room. Once there, they’ll find out that the game is changing. That’s become the moment the siren goes off, they’ll be playing the game as individuals. The couples will split up and only one member of the evicted couple will go home tonight.”

The siren went off, and Julie told them, “From this moment on, you are no longer couples. You are all playing as individuals for yourselves.” The houseguests were so excited–all of them except Josh, who looked like he’d turned into a mannequin–Julie had to tell them to “settle down.” The houseguests voted individually and unanimously evicted Allison.

Josh will undoubtedly be thrilled, as he’s spent the previous few episodes attacking her. He used Allison and Sheila’s (stupid, misguided, and pointless) fake lesbian couple story as an excuse to go after her, maintaining that he was offended by her gay lie because he’s gay. But really, his explosion came long after he learned of that deception, and he jumped up in her face from nowhere, prompting her to end up in the Diary Room crying and Ryan to proclaim Josh to be “psychotic.” Maybe, but for now we’ll go with inarticulate. During his conflict with Allison, for example, Josh repeated every Big Brother contestants’ favorite grammatical error: “I took it very personal.” Every time I hear that I personally want to sound an air horn next to their ears.

Anyway, Ryan became the new HOH, Julie Chen revealed another twist: one evicted person will return to the house based upon our vote. I’m voting for Allison, just because I want to see the look on Josh’s face when she walks back through the door.

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