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Omarosa did not suggest showmance with Piers, but had a “unique relationship” with Kwame

Say what you want about her, but Omarosa Manigault is one of the primary reasons why The Celebrity Apprentice is so entertaining. While she’s one of the few people willing to pick fights and make the show more entertaining, she also reveals that she walked away from the experience with strong friendships–but no showmance.

Omarosa tells Black Voices that she’s extremely close to three of her teammates. “Nely, Nadia Comaneci and Marilu Henner. We’re inseparable! They’re like the sisters I never had. Though I have one sister named Gladys that lives in Ohio. There’s not a day that goes by since we’ve done the show that I don’t speak to them. I value those friendships so much. That’s something that has never happened to me. I’ve never tried to make friends on a reality show. But on this particular show, something very magical happened,” she said.

As to her primary opponent, America’s Got Talent judge Piers Morgan, Omarosa denies that she proposed having a showmance with him. told the New York Post, “Quite early on, before the first challenge, Omarosa sidled up to me and said, in all seriousness, ‘Do you want to have a showmance?’ And I said, ‘What is a showmance?’ And she said, ‘You know, a romance on the show. And then we can make lots of money out of it.’ And I just looked at her and I thought, ‘What a pathetic creature.’ And I said to her, ‘You really are a deluded woman.'” At the time, Omarosa said she rejected his proposal for a showmance.

She offers more details now, saying, “This man came to me and said he studied the DVD from the first season and studied everything I had done. He essentially said to me that he wanted to be BrOmarosa — the British Omarosa. It was the highest form of flattery, right? In sharing information and knowledge about past seasons with him, he wanted to know about a very famous couple from the first season, Nick [Warnock] and Amy [Henry]. From that, he made the impression that I wanted a “showmance” with him? Trust me, his yellow, rotten, disgusting teeth; his horrible, alcoholic breath; and his inability to grasp reality are all but three reasons why that would never happen! Not even to advance me in the show! I’ll do anything to win, but I won’t do that!”

As to a showmance during her first appearance on The Apprentice, Omarosa doesn’t deny and almost confirms that she and runner-up Kwame Jackson had a sexual relationship. “I am very reluctant to talk about that because Kwame has made such a career out of being the victim of the first season. ‘Woe is me…look what happened to me.’ I don’t want to take that from him. His role as victim has been very lucrative for him. But Kwame and I had a closer relationship than what was portrayed on the show, that’s all I say,” she said. “I won’t specify whether it was sexual, but I’ll say that it was a very unique relationship that was not portrayed on the show. That’s something that I think Kwame and I will have to share between the two of us, but it’s not something I am willing to share publicly.”

The perpetual reality star brags that she is “one of the few television personalities in the non-scripted reality genre that has worked consistently,” and says that she still wants to go on other shows. “There are three shows that I am addicted to that I would love to be on. I would love to be on ‘Dancing with the Stars.’ I am addicted to ‘The Amazing Race.’ And I would love to do ‘Big Brother,'” she said. I nominate her for HOH on Big Brother; let’s see Dick Donato try to mess with her.

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