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Trump fires no one after Omarosa and Piers Morgan attack each other but win

In an Apprentice first, Donald Trump fired no one from the losing team last night, primarily because he liked that team–Trace Adkins, Marilu Henner, Stephen Baldwin, and Tito Ortiz–too much.

“This team really understands that this is all about charity, and I’m feeling charitable. Tonight, in the boardroom, I’m firing no one. That’s the first time I’ve done this,” Trump said. Earlier, he told them, “This is the single hardest firing I’ve ever had, and I’ve had some tough ones. And you people shouldn’t even be here; it should be the other team.”

That’s because the other team had the show’s worst-ever conflict between Piers Morgan and Omarosa, who clashed after being put on the same team. Lennox Lewis actually said, “I’ve never seen a bad fight like that. … I’ve fought with Tyson, and I thought that was the biggest fight I’ve ever been in. But to travel with these two in the van was unbelievable. … I wanted to jump out in the middle of traffic.”

The conflict didn’t really seem to have a cause, although the task was another fundraising one, meaning that no creativity was involved. Piers decided his team would be judged solely on how much they each raised, and noted how Omarosa was unable to bring in money or star power because she’s just a reality star. Omarosa admitted that “it was about going below the belt. In fact, I kicked him in the nuts.”

Piers fired her for misspelling his name and refusing to correct it, but of course Omarosa got in his face throughout the task. “You back the fuck up; I ain’t going nowhere,” she said. “If you touch, me you’re going to get punched in the face.” She also targeted Piers’ children, although she later said she was just criticizing him. “You’re children are so disappointed in you.” Lennox Lewis said, “Omarosa’s got a lot of venom in her. … It seemed to cross the line, it seemed very ghetto, it seemed very mean, very nasty.” But Piers also delivered plenty of venom. “I literally wanted someone to strangle her slowly and then pour sulphuric acid over her,” he said.

In the boardroom, Piers told Trump, “I’m not working with her again on this show, so it comes down to us winning, I will expect you to separate us or fire me. I’m not going to quit, but you can fire me. I’m never working with her again; she’s a piece of low-life trash.” When challenged by Omarosa, he said, “I haven’t met my match, you little tramp.”

Despite this, they won by a substantial margin, leaving Trump with the four people who did nothing wrong, worked well together, and refused to sell each other out. Had this been a normal season, Trump would have fired one of them for some arbitrary reason. But having his friends around seems to have made him impotent when it comes to irrational decision-making.

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