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Jonny Fairplay says doing Survivor with mouth injuries, pregnant girlfriend was “just too much”

On its first episode, Jon “Jonny Fairplay” Dalton essentially quit the show, and now he says that between his injury and his impending fatherhood combined to make it difficult for him to play the game.

He tells TV Guide that “about a week before we left for filming, that’s when the whole Danny Bonaduce thing happened.” That happened when he jumped on Danny Bonaduce and then fell on his face, holding on to a microphone instead of breaking his fall. As a result, he “had 15 hours of dental surgery, four root canals, the top bone plate above my teeth completely shattered. … And then five minutes into the game, I have Yau-Man plant my jaw into the side of that boat, and I’m just like, ‘This is ridiculous. There’s no way.’ … I already had 19 other people gunning for me; to add all this on top of it, it’s just too much for one person.”

Part of that was also his relationship with his Top Model girlfriend Michelle Deighton, with whom he “made a pact that if anything bad were to happen with the pregnancy, she would not tell CBS because I didn’t want to know. I was afraid it would affect my game. Once I got out there, I started thinking about it — and that it was probably a poor decision on my part — and I kept thinking the worst.”

Even though he was voted out first, he’s still arrogant, insisting he’s “absolutely” the best player ever. “And this time around, having the other favorites fight over who could be my friend, and going out the way I did, I feel that’s a great last chapter for Jonny Fairplay in Survivor,” he said.

Survivor Shocker: Notorious Jonny Fairplay Is First to Go [TV Guide]

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