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Project Runway 4 finalists present Fashion Week collections Friday, two others already have

Project Runway 4‘s finalists present their collections at Fashion Week on Friday morning, but two designers from this season, along with one from season three, have already had shows at Fashion Week.

After last night’s episode, there are now five designers left, even after a number of breaks during the season. In its first two seasons, the show had the final four present collections, although one of those wasn’t shown on TV, as it was just a decoy to prevent us from learning that person would be eliminated. Last season, they let all final four present and remain in the competition. So with five remaining designers, will they all present collections, with one or more being decoys? If one does not present tomorrow, that will indicate that designer will be eliminated next week.

As to the already eliminated contestants, Victorya Hong and Elisa Jimenez both presented collections, as did Malan Breton. Since they lost the show, their presence prompted the Los Angeles Times’ Monica Corcoran to ask, “why bother enduring all that crap as a contestant?”

“I have been doing New York Fashion Week for some 10 years now, L.A. Fashion Week sometimes too. Work is work … ‘Project Runway’ was more of a vision quest,” Elisa told the New York Daily News. Still, it affected her presentation. “I utilized the few suggestions from Heidi and the other judges that I felt were appropriate [for her fall ’08 collection]. More importantly, I synthesized the experience with my colleagues on the show to solidify a dedication to progressive and inspiring work not necessarily only within popular fashion,” she said.

Victorya told the paper, “I got a writeup in WWD [Women’s Wear Daily] following my show. WWD is like the bible trade paper for the fashion industry, so I did a fair share of dancing in the middle of my living room when I saw it. … Fashion Week, at least for me, is what counts. What I do during Fashion Week is my livelihood. It’s my career, my life.”

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