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Dance War concludes as producers turn on cast, announce Dancing 6 celebs to promote the show

To encourage viewers to turn into the final episode of its waste of time and space spin-off Dance War: Bruno vs. Carrie Ann, ABC will announce the Dancing with the Stars 6 cast during the former’s two-hour finale, which starts at 8 p.m. ET.

Even more pathetically, ABC’s PR reps are distributing “insider” gossip about the cast that’s sourced to the BBC, the show’s producer. In other words, producers are turning on their own cast members to get people to watch.

A lot of it is just boring biographical information (“Sara Evans is Elizabeth’s idol.”), but other information is perhaps scandalous–mostly just leaves me feeling dirty over how much the producers don’t seem to care about turning on their own cast: “Elizabeth, Zack, Mariel and Lacey all take part in a bible study. Zack leads it.” “Qui’s [sic] and Corina used to date.” “Lacey is annoyed by Kelsey’s cattiness. I’ve seen her roll her eyes at her several times.” “Mariel doesn’t feel as sexy as the other girls. She is the tomboy, and is insecure around the other girls.”

Whoever wrote this seems to hate two contestants, Chris and Kelsey, more than the others, as the gossip about them is disproportionately mean:

“Chris has a really serious girlfriend that he doesn’t want anyone to know about. Chris hates criticism. His feelings are easily hurt. Often times the others will try to correct him, and he takes it offensively. Chris hates school. His biggest fear is being voted off this show and going back to obscurity. Biggest ego of the group. Follows Elizabeth around like a puppy-dog. He has a huge crush on, but she treats him like a brother. He just found out that he made the Dean’s list at Cal State Fullerton and is really excited about it.

Kelsey is the diva of the group claiming “I’ve never gone this long without shopping in my life” she also spent $400 at Victoria Secret while on one of their shopping excursions. Kelsey and Charity have become really close. Often times they leave out both Corina and Elizabeth. Kelsey talks about money a lot. She talks about spending money constantly. Kelsey flirts with Zack; on 1/17 she was wearing his jacket. Zack was in her room past hours (11 p.m.) He did not speak about Julianne that day. All of the girls make comments that Zack and Kelsey would be good together. Kelsey is a huge Diva”

If I knew who they were, I might feel bad.

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