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Jen, Parker evicted from Big Brother 9 after Jen turns on her “racist” boyfriend

The second of two Big Brother 9 secret twists is now over, as the secret couple in the house, Jen and Ryan, has been broken up thanks to Jen and Parker’s eviction. The houseguests targeted them thanks to Jen’s obnoxiousness and, apparently, their potential to work together.

First, Jen turned on Ryan, telling Sheila, “Ryan is also racist,” which she explained later in the bathroom to a larger group. “I’ve dated one black guy in my entire life. It makes Ryan sick that I was ever wtih a black guy,” she said. Later, she lied blatantly to Ryan and others, denying she’d ever called him a racist. Sheila told Ryan, of course, and he got pissed, defending himself by saying, “Parker, I am not a racist. I am not a fucking racist. I have plenty of black friends and everything like that.”

As if that wasn’t awkward enough, Ryan and Jen had a conversation in which both basically acknowledged his racism while denying it. “I just said you didn’t agree with interracial relationships. Do not worry about that,” Jen told Ryan, as if that was something to be proud of. And then Ryan, apparently not grasping what it means to disapprove of interracial couples, said, “You didn’t say I was racist and prejudiced?” Jen lied, “Absolutely not.” They made up and were all kissing and sad by the time the live eviction came.

Before Jen and Parker were evicted, Julie Chen introduced a new rule, explaining that “each couple gets one vote and they must agree. If they don’t, they risk being evicted themselves.” How exactly that would happen isn’t clear, but could be interesting if one couple implodes. Speaking of implosions, the episode started with a look at the big fight, uncensored footage of which has been on YouTube since it actually happened. “But first, in an unexpected confrontation, the house suddenly urned on Amanda,” Julie said, “in what many are calling the biggest fight in Big Brother history.” Wow, whoever writes Julie Chen’s cue cards reads blogs!

Anyway, the fight footage started with a montage of Amanda gossiping set to jaunty music, interspersed with comments from the other houseguests talking about her, and immediately the editors made it clear that they hate her. The other houseguests’ aggression about gossiping was, like, really strange, because what the hell is Big Brother except three months worth of gossiping?

Joshuah said he planned his outburst, because “Amanda starts stuff up all the time, and what better time to turn the whole house against Amanda?” As he screamed at her, he swore much that his conversation was barely audible; instead, there were just phrases: “horse-faced” “even your own partner hates you” “shut the” “I would slap the shit out of you if I was a girl right now.” Afterwards, he insisted that “this is the most fun I’ve ever had. I really let go and really just gave ’em my true Texan kick-ass attitude. … I think I’ve turned the whole house against her.” While that made very little sense (how does being an asshole turn everyone against someone else, not you?), it totally worked.

The really controversial moment followed after the other houseguests started yelling at Amanda, and Joshuah said, “Give her a fucking halo.” Chelsia said, “Or a noose,” and Josh followed with, “just like her dad.” That prompted Amanda to break down–her dad actually hanged himself–and the whole house realized that this was bad and started being nice to her, as did the editors, who played sad music.

They should have saved that music cue for the lame-ass HOH competition, which James and Chelsia won. The houseguests had to answer questions based upon how they thought everyone else would vote; the majority’s vote not only gave a point to those couples who also selected that answer, but also affected the whole house. That’s because were lame choices, like whether they wanted no hot food or no hot water for 72 hours. So, they now have no hot water, the women have to wear bathing suits for 24 hours, they don’t have cups to drink from for a week, and they’ll have no washing machine for two weeks.

Oh producers, you’re so witty and creative. Not having a washing machine is going to make such fascinating television–now you’ll be able to beat American Idol for sure!

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