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Lauren admits Hills’, Laguna’s scenes are reenactments; new episodes will air in 2008

While Hills star Lauren Conrad continues to insist that the series is an accurate representation of her life, she also admits that they re-created scenes that cameras miss, which also happened on her other show.

“The Hills is filmed exactly the same as Laguna. So when people started picking out these very little things, it was weird to me because anyone who has worked on a reality show knows how they’re filmed,” Lauren told Entertainment Weekly.

She gives an example: on the night of her fake date with Gavin, “the cameras stopped rolling, and I went out to a club with [Gavin]. I went home and called someone [Brody], and the next day talked about it. [MTV] was like, Okay, well, we need to get that on tape, and since they’re trying to tell a story the right way, I basically had to go and call [Brody] again, have the exact same conversation on camera. I mean, it’s not lying to anyone, it’s telling what really happened, but it’s just the way they film reality shows,” she said.

Lauren maintains that this is perfectly natural for her, and all entirely real. “I think there are just certain things that have become normal. … We don’t have writers on this show. We make our own decisions; we say what we want to say. That’s who we are. People can sit back and say it’s real, it’s fake, but at the end of the day to me this is real because this is my life. Someone else having a lighting crew coming in to their apartment at 8 o’clock in the morning and set up booms and lights is very weird. But for me, that’s real. That’s how I live my life.”

Meanwhile, Lauren’s big announcement on the third-season finale of The Hills was not related to the drama in the cast’s lives, but rather to the TV show itself. Eight new episodes will air next year. Those additional episodes “will air starting in the first quarter,” according to The Hollywood Reporter.

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